Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tag: Four Things

...catch my drift...: Tag: Four Things
was posted by KIngsjoy over on his blog and so I decided to get in on the game:

Four Things about me:

Four Jobs I've had:

Movie Theatre Ticket Taker
Head Cook
Youth & Children's Minister
IT Director

Four Movies I could watch on repeat:

Shawshank Redemption
Princess Bride
12 Monkeys
Because of Winn Dixie

Four TV Shows I love:

Sports Night (cancelled)
How I Met Your Mother
Little Einsteins (I know it is for preschoolers but It is really great!)

Four Vacation spots:

My Parents In St. Louis

Four Foods I would eat any time:

Carne Asada Tacos
MY Chicken Strifry
Maggianos Pasta
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Four Changes I'd make to my house:

Hardwood Flooring
Bigger Kitchen
Second Bathroom
Master Bathroom

Four Beers I like:

I'm wheat intolerant... No Beer!

EDIT: I added this after Sid added it to his list
4 Cars:
1953 Chevy 3100 Truck (Bright Orange)
1942 Cadillac FLeetwood (Black)
2006 Mercedes Benz G-Class (Goldish Brown)
1975 VW Rabbitt (Yellow)
(Must Be Mint Condition)

Four Tags:

any four of you that read this


Anne said...

Sports Night! That was a great show. Shawshank Redemption and Princess Bride are two more of my favorites. You have great taste. :)

Kevin J Bowman said...

It's a 3 window.

The Mercdes Benz G Class is their version of the SUV. It is a $90K piece of art that reminds you of exactly how beautiful a vehicle can be.