Friday, October 29, 2004

Stupid People Should Not Voye

Now I think whoever is circulating this flyer is rude and using methods of voter influence that lack character. However Daily Kos tries to make the Republican party out to be evil becuase of it.

I have just a few comments on that issue.

1. If you are STUPID enough to believe this flier you are to stupid to make an informed vote anyway.
2. If you think that this makes the Republican evil while the AFL-CIO is hiring goons to raid Republican headquarters and that is ok you are to stupid to vote.
3. I personally feel this is the work of a jaded cynic rather than an organized effort by any political party or group (unlike the AFL-CIO goons)

I think that a true republic government that has no place for the voice of the stupid is would be a blessing!

ZD NET - 7 out of 10 for HD Tivo

The DirecTV's HD DVR: TiVo for HDTVgets a low rating from Extreme Tech over at Ziff Davis

Taboo and The Art of Societal Maintainance

Simon Heffer, of the British conserative news magazineThe Spectator points out in his Cover Story - What can you say? how society is being destroyed by the "fashion police" of tolerance (or secularism as it should more correctly be defined.)

It is strange how the secularist have managed to Co-opt not only religious and political discourse but also academic and scientifc discourse as well (though not discussed in this article).

A crystal ball into the future of American society needs only to look at how secularism is rotting France, Germany and yes even England from the insides out. We are only a few generations behind France and Germany, and probably only a single generation behind England. It is too late for the French and Germans. They will be athestic marxist states within 50-80 years. Ourselves and the English still have the ability and responsibilty to turn the tide back, and save ourselves from a Marxist destruction.

I do not believe it is going to happen. I believe that our Marxist future is a result of God's judgement, and it would require repentance and humilty to redeem this nation back. I think Americans lack the moral integrity and strength of character to resist the narcistic pleasure that secularism brings, and so we will follow the lead of our European friends, and find ourselves barrelling forward to the the "perfect Marxist society."

My Sick Family

So I feel I should give the run down on Illness for the week. Other than myself who has remained PERFECTLY (knock on wood) healthy, all other family members have suffered from a variety of amalaties.

Anna - Definitely the worst with a bad cold and lack of ability to sleep.

Ella - We are performing our own internal tests on her for a wheat allergy, right now it looks like she in fact has a wheat allergy.

Christi - Very run down (gee I wonder why) and suffering from a cold & headache herself. Drinking lots of FRESH orange juice.

So that is the summary of my sick family.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Advertisers- TiVo is not the enemy

Variety writes how a new series in Canada has become a Viable Tivo-Killer by forcing viewers to watch commericals for clues to the game. Much like that Push Nevada show on ABC a few years back only they have taken the game one step further by incorporating the clues into specialized commericals filmed speciffically for the series.

I think this is a GREAT concept for those who want to participate. My problem here is that Variety assumes that TiVo is the enemy. TiVo is not the enemy, bad commericals are. I own 3 TiVos (2 Production / 1 Test) and it is the ONLY way I watch television. I ALWAYS go back and watch a commerical that catches my eye as I am fast forwarding. If the advertiser does his job right, I see his commerical.

People also need to remember how ads started on Televison, placing the ad contextually within the show will ALWAYS be a more powerful means of advertising anyway. If all ads were product placed, then as I am watching 24 on DVD right now, I would still be seeing these ads. That would make the advertisers far more happy anyway.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

John Kerry Endorsements

I got this saying off a guy on but I did the layout so you can print it with an inkjet and make a T-Shirt. I think it is great!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Even a Socialist should not be spurned!

In our local race here, where the Honorable Henry Hyde is running for his congressional seat against a socialist supporter of globalization, infanticide, and federalized health care. However I have to say, I support Christine Cegelis in her fight in the "misplacement" of her name on the published sample ballott.

This is a joke, that if occuring by mistake should have been corrected IMMEDIATLY, but more to the point, seems to have been intentional fraud, in the press' unwillingness to reprint. I hope that Cegelis is able to get justice for this act of unreasonable agression against her campaign. Even a socialist should be given the fair protection of law!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Keyes, Independence, & Abortion

I am sitting at the Keyes Pro-Life rally in Arlington Heights, he has brought forth the Declaration of Independence, and the blessed endowment of our creator, he has mentioned the Pre Civil War view of the slave holder that said, "they (blacks) are not developed enough to be treated as humans" he has argued for the foundation of principle that must purge the attitude that allows the murder of unborn children on the same basis the black race was allowed to be enslaved.

PLEASE understand, there is no issue in this election, that will bring us into the judgement of God, that will result in vengenance, like this issue. God will call America into account for this issue and the lack of moral clarity that allows this position to be held.

Get the Code Amber Ticker

EVERYONE needs to add a Code Amber Ticker to their websites! This is the kind of usage that the internet is best designed for. What a GREAT blessing to all our children, knowing information like this can be so easily distributed!!!

Beautiful Spam Control With A Great Name

When I saw there was a new Spam solution namedElla for Spam Control, I could not help but give it a whirl. I am on about day 6 and might I say this is the BEST solution I have ever used. It is WELL WORTH the $30!!! I would highly reccomned Ella to anyone looking for a good Spam control program!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Columbus Day Retreat 2004

We had 66 campers attend our Columbus Day retreat at Rockford Christian Camp this weekend. It was my first time as the director. It was a great weekend. We had our counseling staff provided by York College, and our Worship Leader was Chris Shields from Rochester College, in Michigan.

We had a prayer walk on Friday Night. Where each of the teens walked to seven stations and prayed, and spent time in the word individually. This event ended with our communion service. Our communion service, was not as "flowing" and powerful as I would have liked; I believe this was partly because of half of the counselors I was sent from York, sat in the back and talked like junior high kids. I was SO UPSET!!!!

I talked to MANY of the campers about the counselors from York. Overall it was a pretty disppointing choice. As I said, they talked through our communion service, they were all gathered in a group,on more than one occassion, not even at the location we had the campers, and the kids complained that they felt like the Yorkies did not want to interact with them. There were a few exceptions, but for the most part, the college students were just VERY distant and VERY uninvolved.

On Sunday night, we had a Temptation Walk, and the kids I talked to, all loved it and had a blast while doing it. The York students were definitely a great assest in it, and did a good job of hamming up the role of the demons. In the Temptation Walk, the kids learned 7 verses, that they had to use as they encountered and figured out the type of demon that was tempting them along their walk.

All in all, I loved the session, and felt the kids did too.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

More GMail Suggestions

2 New Sugestions I offer to you all my friends and family who all have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Google:

1. POST TO BLOGGER - The ability to connect my Blogger account and GMail account so that I can post an email I recieve, or send directly to Blogger. I think it should be a small text box that allows me to add a comment and then post the text of the email directly to my Blog!

2. EXPANDED ARCHIVE - 1 GB is just not going to be enough! I am at 2 days and 8MB at that rate I will be out of archive space in less than 9 months. I am thinking $5 for each extra Gig per year. At that rate, In 10 years, I am only at $75 a year for EVERY email I have recieved. That is $6.25 a month well spent!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Moore Foolishness from Flint, MI

"In a free society, which only survives if it has an enlightened electorate, information should be shared, not privately owned." - Michael Moore

On his misinformatizion blog today MM attacked yet another fundamental of American liberty. Private ownership and the patent system. MM propogates his continued hatred against personl freedom by clarifying his opinions against intellectual ownership.

Blue Collared workers everywhere should be VERY AFRAID of Mr. Moore and his ideas that will ensue a mass exodus of off shore labor by those who want to use their newly freed information to make products in nations all over the world that do not have Unions, Minimums Wages, and Social Security to pay. After all in a free and "Moore Perfect Society." Government will provide for all of us to live at his high class standard of living while our GNP is bottomed out by a combination of free information and non-socialist production.

Thank you Mr. Moore for yet another extremely intelligent idea!


I am hoping by this point you have read the previously refrenced blog article and realize I have villified Mr. Moore by taking a sentence ut of context and exploiting the literal words rather than the actual ideas he was propagating. I created the entire illusion of this attack by using one sentence without the remaining thoughts to contextualize and balance the statement.

Please remember as you listen to Michael Moore and those like him in the media how easy it is to use one sentence out of context to sink a canidate by misrepresntation that amounts to lies!

Disgusted By

I am repulsed by the "Parents Pick The President" page on I mean seriously they have offended me. This question (Q: If you were elected president, what would you do first?) has a list of answers that is so riddle with leftism it is literally an unpallatable show of ignorance toward the true roles and powers of government.

A: Good jobs for everybody - Government does not make jobs, businesses do and when Leftist ideas punish businesses for success while sending foreign aid and subsidies to business in nations across the world, they do only their small part to destroy jobs.

B: Lower health care costs - The idea that Government is responsible for the burden of care after a lifetime of irresponsible nutrional and physical choices is another example of the stupidfication of America..

C: End the war - They just keep getting better... Our enemies started this war, and victory is the means to the future of liberty for the genrations to come. Only a fool would surrender to these Islamic Jihadist for the sake of an illusion of peace.

D: Improve education - If they mean abolish the Department of Education and return responsiblity for the intellectual and moral upbringing of children to the God ordained structure of the family, then yes, I am all for improving education. However since we know they are much more about continuing the pocketboook padding principles of the current educations system this kind of improvement I can do without.

E: Make everybody safe - What does that mean? If any moron clicks that option they deserve to have their right to vote on account of an IQ too low to form cognent thought. THERE IS NO WAY IN THIS LIFE TO MAKE EVERYONE SAFE!

F: Better day care options - This is called commerce and responsibilty. You as a parent will have to take the RESPONSIBILTY to find a business that meets the needs you are looking for in a child care facilty. After all adding one more social program to our already over-bloated socialist state will do nothing but lower the standards of choices provided by daycares that choose to be competive for parents demanding quality.

G: Demand a recount! - I will demand a recount if any of the idiots who compiled this survey get elected!

If these are the only issues being considered by the vast majority of parents in America, then we are in even deeper trouble than I have previously imagined.

GMail is Google For My Email!

So I know that GMail has been out a while, and I even got my first GMail account a while back and just basically had not used it because it lacked some function I needed.

Now I have written MANY blog entries on my desire to have Google for my email. Knowing that GMail could give me this I still was not excited since I wanted my Outlook and I wanted all my plethora of email addresses.

Then today, needing some indexed information from an old email, I was drawn to consider the possibilty of G-Mail again. Then as I was looking around my settings in my G-Mail account I found "Forward Mail To" with "Move to G-Mail Archive" as a new feature from the G-Mail people. This would be great if it worked like a forwarder that had no bearing on the From field. So I did some test, and KAPOW!!! It did!!!

So I configured all my accounts to forward to G-Mail, then G-Mail forwards to a masked account, that my Outlook checks! When Outlook sends it uses the real address so replies go through G-Mail before they come back to me.

This is AWESOME!!!

A few suggestions if Google was asking my opinion.
1. Allow me to import my 3 years worth of deleted items into my archive. This way the power would be retroactive as well. They could configure to accept a PST file import.
2. Allow me to import my 3 years worth of sent items into my G-Mail sent folder.
3. Figure out an ON-Going way to continue monitoring my Sent folder.
4. Use their Spam filters so that they do not forward the Spam, and only forward the good stuff!

Just my few little suggestions.

UPDATE: If you agree with my suggestions make them here Saddam Possessed WMD

The website has published an article yesterday detailig the contents of 42 pages woth of memos from the Iraqi Intelligence Organization. If a member of the press establishment actually chooses to verify these findings, it will be a huge blow to the Kerry "wrong war, wrong place, wrong time" campaign.