Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Moore Foolishness from Flint, MI

"In a free society, which only survives if it has an enlightened electorate, information should be shared, not privately owned." - Michael Moore

On his misinformatizion blog today MM attacked yet another fundamental of American liberty. Private ownership and the patent system. MM propogates his continued hatred against personl freedom by clarifying his opinions against intellectual ownership.

Blue Collared workers everywhere should be VERY AFRAID of Mr. Moore and his ideas that will ensue a mass exodus of off shore labor by those who want to use their newly freed information to make products in nations all over the world that do not have Unions, Minimums Wages, and Social Security to pay. After all in a free and "Moore Perfect Society." Government will provide for all of us to live at his high class standard of living while our GNP is bottomed out by a combination of free information and non-socialist production.

Thank you Mr. Moore for yet another extremely intelligent idea!


I am hoping by this point you have read the previously refrenced blog article and realize I have villified Mr. Moore by taking a sentence ut of context and exploiting the literal words rather than the actual ideas he was propagating. I created the entire illusion of this attack by using one sentence without the remaining thoughts to contextualize and balance the statement.

Please remember as you listen to Michael Moore and those like him in the media how easy it is to use one sentence out of context to sink a canidate by misrepresntation that amounts to lies!

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