Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Advertisers- TiVo is not the enemy

Variety writes how a new series in Canada has become a Viable Tivo-Killer by forcing viewers to watch commericals for clues to the game. Much like that Push Nevada show on ABC a few years back only they have taken the game one step further by incorporating the clues into specialized commericals filmed speciffically for the series.

I think this is a GREAT concept for those who want to participate. My problem here is that Variety assumes that TiVo is the enemy. TiVo is not the enemy, bad commericals are. I own 3 TiVos (2 Production / 1 Test) and it is the ONLY way I watch television. I ALWAYS go back and watch a commerical that catches my eye as I am fast forwarding. If the advertiser does his job right, I see his commerical.

People also need to remember how ads started on Televison, placing the ad contextually within the show will ALWAYS be a more powerful means of advertising anyway. If all ads were product placed, then as I am watching 24 on DVD right now, I would still be seeing these ads. That would make the advertisers far more happy anyway.

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