Wednesday, May 16, 2007

GBible - A Google Digitized The Bible

I have wanted the GBible for about 3+ years now. I want a Google take on the holy word of the Lord. What I mean by this is the power of Google to Index the text, notes, and related commentary and blog posts about any text of scripture. I don't ever see that day coming, so I was quite pleased today when I stumbled across the HTML Bible by John Hurt.

He has provided the entire text of the Bible as an Access database. With a little bit of work I was able to import his Access bible into My-SQL where I will now write a small web app where I can add text notes and access them from any computer connected to the net. It is no GBible, but it is a great step in that direction for me.

If you would like to keep your Bible notes in an online database let me know and I'll set you up with a login ID and password.

I envision here, if others were to come alongside me, and ever evolving commentary. One could search not only their OWN notes but also others notes about the text. It would have a WIKI commentary feel to it, and yet it could also be just my private notes. I would also like to set it up where I could SMS a verse using my cell phone and get not only the verse, but also my previous thoughts on the verse. I also think all notes should be date time stamped, so as my undertanding of a text changes and matures, I can see that progression. I often find myself out of margin space in my Bible as my understanding of a text grows deeper.

Please leave other ideas in the comments!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell Is Dead - Sigh!!!

I have been called cold hearted and rude for the responses I have made to several people today about Jerry Falwell's death. However I stand by the fact that he was a self serving politico who exploited Christianity for his own financial and political gain. I am GLAD he will no longer be disgracing the name of Christ with his self serving rhetoric.