Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Grandfathers Cemetery

Here is a listing of everyone buried in Vittitoe Cemetery, Grayson Co. TX which is the location of my grandfathers grave. Some of the cemeteries on this site are VERY nice, and have pics of all the tombstones, obits and obit photos. This cemetary is much more basic in it's listing. There are many Neals buried in this cemetary, I do not which I am related to.

Blog Not Working

I do have a few posts, that are marked as published, but are not showing up. This is really just a post to try and figure what the problem is, afterall people need to read my rant against UNited Airlines from a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A BUSY Couple of Weeks

I have just had a VERY crazy couple weeks and have had No Time to blog. I am apologetic for that. My parents came to visit 2 weekends ago. Last weekend we went down to St. Louis since my parents had taken Ella. Things have been crazy busy at work since I have been made personally responsible for communication between 2 divisions. Just wild. Anyway, I am here. I am excited about the possible Google aquistion of Tivo, and I am planning on keeping updates again soon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Reload All Tabs

In Mozilla Firefox there is a great extension I have just found that allows you to Refresh Tabs at a preset interval. This means you can keep track of a sports game, Bulletin board, or Ebay Auction without hitting your refresh button everytime you walk up. This is a GREAT tool!!!

If you have not made the switch to Firefox it is your loss, Extensions and Tabs will change the way you surf forever! Iwould NEVER go back to IE6!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

An Incredible Sermon

I preached last Sunday (not yeatserday but the Sunday before) at church and I meant to ask for the tape so I could convert it to MP3 and post it here. But I forgot to find out who the powers that be are who make such tapes and so I don't have an MP3 to post yet. I do however have my Powerpoint and PDF of the sermon.
I am not egotistical in my title of this post. The sermon was based on the movie "The Incredibles." and I was reminded to post it while I was here working on our VBS of the same theme.

Letters & Ice Cream

So now that we have been working on Flash Cards for a few days it has become the habit to be contrary at Flash Card times. I think it has become apparent that Flash Cards are work not fun. Anyway so last night we were working on the 1st 8 letters of the alphabet, which she almost has down. I finally promised her Ice Cream if she could tell me all 8. What do you know, all 8 were correctly identifed. OHHHHHH!!!!! That is annoying.

I set up a website for our Vacation Bible School this summer. Our title is He is Incredible and the website is
Check it out and let me know what you think of our theme!!!!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Ella's Letter Chart

For Those of you just surfing here, or here because of my witty political rants from time to time, you will not care the least about this post. But for my family, and friends, I present (not that they actually care either, but what can I say I am proud dad) Ella's letter chart.

As you can see we have currently mastered the letters A,C,E,F, and I. Although D is stickered, we do still have some problems with it. Our current goal is to have the first 8 letters of the alphabet down by next Friday.
I should also note, that the Flash Card box says ages 4-6!!!! She is only 3!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

TiVo is off a Deathwatch!!! a popular investing site has made the first comment I have read that removes TiVo from deathwatch. Congrats "Little Screen"

Monday, April 04, 2005

Ionize as you computerize

The Mini USB PiEZo-ionizer is perhaps the most useless invention I have seen in a long time.... It was so bizarre, I felt I had to Blog it!

Discovery Institute - News - Intelligent Design A Debate Evolves

Ohio is teaching a science curriculum called "teach the controversy" devloped by the Discovery Institute. This method does not support Darwinism of Intelligent Design, instead it seeks to debate and fairly present both the syupport and challenge to a Darwinist view of evolution history.
Read the full press statement: Discovery Institute - News - Intelligent Design A Debate Evolves