Monday, February 28, 2005

Sweet Gestures On The Home Front

I was sitting in the living room waching my 2 girls when Ella climbed in my lap. About 30 seconds later Anna began to cry. I asked my headstrong lap dweller what she thought we should do about Anna's crying, to which she replied, "let her sit here instead." I was like OHHHHHH.. as my little monster deomstrated what s great heart she has under that LOUD persona.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Schiavo- Pro-Life / Pro-Choice You should be ashamed

As continues to post their updates to the GROSS tug of war over the life of Terri Schiavo I am going to say what no one else you. "TO SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!"

I do not know what the answers are to her individual case. I do know that to make a permanently disabled human into a mascot for the pro-life agenda is disgusting, as well as to use another person as a pro-euthenasia sacrifice is equally as sickening to me.

I think this entire discussion is REPLUSIVE!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Are There Better Orchards In TiVo's Future?

TiVo surges on speculation of Apple's interest is the headline that is appearing all over the internet as the company that was saved by a 3.5" inch revolution.

When I-Pod became a reality there were other MP3 player on the market that were cheaper, and Apple managed to make a revolution out of them. I believe that the I-TiVo will be the savior of this WONDERFUL technology.

Go TiVo... May you be picked with care!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Opinion Column by PC Magazine: How to Kill Linux

I have expressed my love of Dvorak's insight into the collective mind that is the computer world, and I think he has a Bullseye this week as he look at How to Kill Linux

I have no argumnents, I think he is 100% correct.

Hebrews 9

I have finished chapter 9 and so I have decided instead of including every chapter individually, from now on I would post a PDF with everything done to that point, and and second of just the chapter finished.

Hebrews Study - ZIP

Hebrews 9 - RTF - PDF

All Content From This Study is Released Under The Creative Common License

Feel free to use this work to the glory of God, edit as needed, please do not distribute for commerical gain.

-Christus Vita

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ebay Comes To Your TiVo Set

If TiVo wants to remain alive in the DVR market we need to see many more articles like this one from and PVR Blog that show major internet players using the power of Home Media Edition to bring great content to peoples set top boxes.
has an entire list of Apps!

Go Ebay for a job well done.!

Hebrews 8

Here are all the chapters upto 8. I am almost done with chapter 9 so assuming that goes up when it is done, it should be available very shortly. I will put a Zip file of all 13 chapters together once I finsih these last 5 chapters.

Hebrews 1 - RTF - PDF

Hebrews 2 - RTF - PDF

Hebrews 3 - RTF - PDF

Hebrews 4 - RTF -PDF

Hebrews 5 - RTF -PDF

Hebrews 6 - RTF -PDF

Hebrews 7 - RTF -PDF

Hebrews 8 - RTF -PDF

Winterfest 2005 - A Trip With The Kids

I took the teens to Winterfest this weekend. It was great. I had a 14 hour drive there and a 12 hour drive back in the bus with Ella. Christi and Anna had to stay behind because Anna was throwing up.
Ella was much better on the bus than I thought she would be. We were watching LOTR: Return of the King for a while and she was really into who the characters were.
I have posted pics from the trip up at Take a look.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Once Again I Return

Just a kwik note to let the world know I am living. I am going with the youth group at our Church to Winterfest this weekend. Hopefully I will have some time to post then. Life has just been a CRAZY ride.