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Caleb & The Children

I am posting my outline for my sermon at church on Sunday. This is not a new sermon. This is actually one of my personal favorites because it looks at my hero Caleb, and calls us to the challenge of excellence in our commitment of the the spirirtual goals for our children.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Big Words and The Lynch Mob

So we had a congregational meeting at church to discuss Danny Mercer and whether to invite him back for a second interview or not. This meeting was so derailed, so hijacked by individuals of self intrest I saw it as a sincere confirmation of why I abhor such meetings.

"We should not hire him because he homeschools his children."
"We should not hire him because he has a missional theology and won't explain what a missional theology is."
"We should not hire him because someone in Mass. says he was overwhelmed by the challenges of his previous church."
"We should not hire him because he is an introvert."
"We should not hire him because the last minister didn't do hospital vists, home visits to the elderly, and he did not say he was planning to do those things either."
"We should not hire him because..."

The reasons were numerous, some legitimate concerns, but most simply shallow and unfair. The attack on the commitee was just as harsh and scathing. The process was wrong, The commitee was deceptive, There was not enough time to get to know him. On and on the lynch mob tarred and feathered those in their path.

As I sat there listening to the corrosive dialouge of the congregants I thought back to the lyrics of a song by Casting Crowns,

But if we are the body
Why aren't His arms reaching?
Why aren't His hands healing?
Why aren't His words teaching?
And if we are the body
Why aren't His feet going?
Why is His love not showing them there is a way?

The caustic stench of each individuals oretic goals had filled the air of this meeting. The body of Christ was not reaching beyond itself, it was not healing a broken world, it was not teaching the precious message of redemption, it was not feeling the challenge to go: instead the body of Christ sat and squabbled over process, personality, and educational preference.


We must be salt and light. We must bring the precious message of hope to those in need. We must NOT think of ourselves more highly than ought. We must not place our needs, our wants, our partiality on the altar of self idoloatry. Doing better is living into the the pursuit of becoming a living sacrifice. Doing better is to hunt for oppurtunities to move outside the walls of our buildings, outside the walls of our comfort, outside the walls of our foolish flesh and touch the proverbial lepers, tax collectors, and prostitutes of our world with the passion of Christ; that passion that called us the day we wept as broken vessels in need of a passionate God.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mission and Vision of the Church

There was a lot of discussion at church today about mission and vision of the church. I think these are corporate ideas, but healthy nonetheless. Many people were intermingling the 2 words, when I believe they are clearly 2 different concepts and should be appreciated and reviewed appropriately.

Mission: The reason for your organization's existence
Vision: The practical steps you will take as an organization to fulfill your mission.

That being said, I believe the mission of the Church is universal and unaffected by time or location. This mission can be articulated as "To be redeemed and renewed by Christ, and to take the message of redemption and renewal to the world."

Vision on the on the other hand, must be articulated, examined, practiced, and rearticulated by the shepherds, and members of any assembly of God's people both personally and within the context of their community, spiritually and physically. I am responsible both to the vision God leads me to as an individual, but also to the vision God leads the shepherds of my Christian family to. Vision is ever changing and therefore must be reviewed regularly to maximize it's impact on the mission. It must be tailored in a way that is appropriate to the needs of the mission and the needs of the community.

Mission is the mountain, and vision is the equipment we use to climb that mountain. We know our mission, but we keep in communication with God to ensure our vision.

Danny Mercer - A candidate For Minister

Our church interviewed it's first minister candidate this weekend. He is a graduate student at ACU in the MDiv program and interim minister at the Minter Lane Church where Tony Ash was the minister for many years.

His name is Danny Mercer and I do believe it is a name you will hear again within our fellowships. He has great oratory skill and seems to have a properly aligned goals for his ministry. I do believe the church he chooses will be blessed to have him as a member of their leadership team.

That being said.... I do not believe he is right for this church. I think that this congregation and he will be a source of stress to each other. He is looking for a body ready to have an amazing impact on the world around them. He is looking for a church that is ready to reach the marginal and the overlooked of our culture. I have questions about whether CD is ready to walk this journey with him. I think that there is a need for a minister who could facilitate growth and help CD realize how to be a spiritually mature group; disciplined to operate as a single body in it's outreach. From my limited view after only a few months with this church, there is a need for a teacher who can prepare them for the momentum they will use over the next generation as a church.

Just my one opinion, from a small voice who is the new kid on the block and has no seat for an opinion yet. But since it's my blog, I'll post one :-)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Chronicles of Narnia First Trailer

Moviephone has the preimier The Chronicles of Narnia Trailer and it looks great!!!! Watch it and prepare for December 9th

Top 10 Christian Albums of 2004

Back in January the World of Christian Music Top 10 of 2004 came out. Although I just discovered it I 100% agree with his top 3 picks. Andrew Petersons, Behold the lamb is perhaps the best Christian album ever reocrded.
It would be in close running with Rich Mullins: World As Best I Remember Vol.1.

I do not know who this Cool Hand Luke is, but I am well intrested in their stuff now.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Cutting Teeth & Visiting Family

Ella is out of town this week and I have had all this extra time on my hands in the evening. Anna is much easier to care for than Ella and Anna. I have been playing in the kitchen, in has been a lot of fun. Ella is visiting Mamaw and Papaw this week and seems to be having a lot of fun. We have been using vide0 chat from MSN Messenger and have enjoyed seeing her on the computer.
Anna is not having as goog of a time in her life. She is cutting a whole mouth full of teeth, and need I say more!!!

Monday, May 09, 2005

10,889 Days

August 28, 2005 will be my 11,000 day on earth. I am personally planning a great deal of celebration for thuis momentous occassion. Although my fear of 30 is rather overhwelming, the prospect of celebration 11,000 days is way cool.

Anyway... check out this website to figure out the quantitity of time between 2 points.