Friday, April 27, 2007

Saved By Google Docs

Last Sunday I was scheduled as the speaker at an event in Madison WI. Being the raving Google fundamentalist I am, I prepared for the event as I have done for each speaking engagement I have had since Google Docs came out. I wrote the sermon in Google Docs.

As it came time to leave for the event, I plugged in my laptop through my auto-air adapter. I powered up my EVDO modem from Sprint. I opened Firefox with 3 tabs open.

1. Open Sermon for last minute edits in Google Docs
2. Map Location to engagement In Google Maps
3. Open Email from GMail that has host person's phone number

I then proceeded on the trip. I had an audio book I was listening to on the trip as well. At first my wife drove, so I just made some edits to the text. Then as it was my turn to drive, we had turned off the audio book since there was to much commotion in the car with all three kids, and a friend who had accompanied us as well. 6 people does not make good audio book listening, but I digress.

So as I was driving, the power in my laptop was on, but nobody was actually looking at the screen. Unbeknown to anyone my auto-air adapter died and the battery on my laptop drained away as we drove.

When we arrived in Madison, I picked up the computer to look at the map, and the computer was dead. I had no map to the building, no contact information for the host, and no sermon to preach if I managed to arrive.

This is where the story get's great. This is why I will never use MS-OFFICE again. I called my brother in Alabama who was able to log into my Gmail account and get the host's phone number. Upon arriving at the church I was able to have the documented printed, though I had no battery, and no functioning power adapter on my machine. Had my document be in Ms-Office I would have been screwed! It would have been dead, with the dead computer.

Thanks to Google and Google Docs I was able to preach the sermon I had prepared. I will never go back to Ms-Office!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Do You Actually Belive In The Redemptive Power Of The Cross?

I am wondering if as God's people, do we actually believe one of our own core teachings? I know we believe in the idea that our immaterial spirits are redeemed so that can we can goto heaven in eternity. That is not what I am asking, I am asking, do we believe that Christ can redeem us in this life. Do we believe that our NEW man can be different than our old man.

I have this "DEVOUT FUNDAMENTALIST" at my work, who I know thinks I am as hell bound as a Satan himself, but I am in a conflict with him, because it is clear he ABSOLUTELY does NOT believe in Christ's power to redeem us. I mean seriously, if I am "the pagan" and he is "the Christian" why am I the one who actually believes the Bible and believes Christ's promises?

Paul is quite clear in Romans that we are NEW creations! When we behave in the behavior patterns of our former selves we are behaving "contrary to our nature." As NEW CREATIONS in Christ we have a NEW NATURE. The redemptive message of the cross is about how I live today! The redemptive power of the cross is not a redemption of our Spirit, it is a redemption of our BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT. We are completely REDEEMED!

So how then do we respond to a person's former sin patterns? Should a Christian be judged by by behaviors they have not participated in for the 10 years they have been a Christian? Should we decide that once a person has committed a "heinous" sin, that their conversion is only self serving and disingenuous. If we applied this logic to the church's most revered sin patterns of materialism, gossip, and arrogance. Then NO ONE would EVER be fit to serve in the kingdom.

The church in Acts, the church that Paul and James wrote about ACTUALLY believed Christ's teachings. I want us to once again believe that the mission of the church is NOT to prepare people for the "after-life" but instead to challenge people to LIVE a REDEEMED, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Partial Birth Abortion Ban Upheld

I know that many people feel I am not a "real" libertarian because I am firmly Pro-Life. In this I mean that I feel abortion is in 100% of all cases murder. I believe in time that mankind will one day look back on our abortion on demand lifestyle and find it as offensive and inhumane as the segregation of slavery that previously preyed upon a voiceless section of our society.

I am also a realist and feel that these changes, must come through a re-education of people. People must see the sanctity of human life, not from a "Religious" argument, but from a "humanist moral" argument, which is a perfectly convincing and scientifically valid argument. For this reason I respect and support the work of abort73 for being a leader in presenting these arguments. I am not for an overturn of Roe V Wade until people understand the moral and philosophical arguments that mandate we recognize the rights and personhood of unborn persons equally to those of born persons.

There is a great money making machine behind the abortion rights industry that thrives off the deception about and the ignorance toward the personhood of the unborn. It is with great celebration that everyone who values HUMAN LIFE in all it's forms should be filled as our Supreme Court has deemed that one particular form of this civil rights violation is beyond the acceptable behavior of a humane society.

UGH - Trying To Be Nice is Hard

(This is NOT a happy post - It does not have a happy ending - It is the simple truth of how I feel - If you want a well formed message with a great spiritual application - this is not the post for you - this is a RAW flush of feelings! Please understand that if you choose to read it)

Knowing in your head to love your enemies is a lot easier than actually doing it.

I was doing so well and quite proud of myself last week when I explained a solution to a problem faced by a person I detest at my church. I thought I was being kind and then once explaining the solution to the problem the person would be out of my hair, and I could pat myself on the back for showing "love" to my enemy.

That was until today, when the person manifested the real reason why I consider them my enemy. This person emailed me needing a FIRM DATE as to when the problem would be solved at the church. I mean it's not like I don't have 3 small children at home. I didn't volunteer to FIX the problem, I just volunteered HOW to fix the problem. Now, judging from past experiences, I will get emails and phone calls CONSTANTLY from this person.

Last year I was going to find a new church to worship and serve with SOLELY because of this person. Though I decided against that, I did decide that I could not serve in ANY ministry this person was involved with. Things have been great for the 9 months since I avoided this person. However the FIRST conversation I have had in 9 months and it is back to the same CRAP as before.

HOW, Do I Love My Enemy?

I want to be the right person and do the right thing. I want to embrace the challenge of Christ call! Yet, I don't have time to spend the 2 hours it will take to fix this issue. It is times like this I think I SHOULD have left this church, since I can not deal with this person and I KNOW it is my problem . I KNOW it is my inability to LOVE like CHRIST loves!

Well, I am off to torment myself on whether or not to even GO to church tonight!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

KUDOS To Pepperdine

Although I am like 2 weeks behind the publication this story, I am just glowing with pride for the administration of Pepperdine University in the uniquely Christian response to the problem of unwed mothers on a Christian college campus.

The heart of this decision is summed up in this official statement:
‘When a student become pregnant she is faced with many difficult decisions. At Pepperdine we are strongly committed to being a caring support system in the event that an unmarried student should become pregnant. It is Pepperdine’s goal to provide resources, support and assistance for the student to continue in her studies. While Pepperdine does not support a student’s choice to engage in sexual relations outside of marriage, we do support the pregnant student throughout the process.’

I was on multiple instances grieved and angered at the administration of my Alma Matter when young women were expelled for pregnancy and the guy who sinned with them felt no consequence of his participation.

I encourage other colleges from my tribe (Churches of Christ) Abilene Christian University - Cascade College - Harding University - Oklahoma Christian University - Rochester College -York College - and those Christian colleges of other denominational heritages, to follow the lead of Pepperdine University and the example of Christ and stop this unjust and unchristian response in an already difficult time in the lives of these young ladies.

Additional Kudos are due to Patricia Heaton and
Feminists For Life for their role in encouraging Pepperdine to take the lead among Christian universities .

Monday, April 16, 2007

HB1500 - Illinois are you listening

If you are from Illinois, especially northern Illinois and do not know what HB1500 is please educate yourself about what is about to happen to you and your private property rights.

I wanted to write a letter that addressed the philosophy behind my stance against the bill rather than just a statement of my opposition to the special procedures being made to allow AT&T a lesser degree of local regulation under the guise of being a "startup operator."

Honorable Representative,

I know that many power hungry politicians have decided that the property rights afforded by the fifth amendment of the US constitution and article 1 section 2 of the Illinois state constitution are erroneous and archaic remnants of a past era. I however feel this ideology is wrong. Freedom at it's core places decisions about a man's religion, life, and property as solely his own. Each law you pass that erodes this sacred tenant of a free society is a breach of the will of the people who entrusted you as lawmakers to remain caretakers of a free republic, rather than tyrants of self interest.

This session of congress is once again in consideration of legislation that if passed robs a man of his essential liberties. Using HB1500 to allow AT&T and other multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies to seize private land in the name of "competition" is reprehensible. I pray that you will keep the sacred trust endowed to you by the people of your district to represent us, and to protect our essential liberties. Please vote to BLOCK passage of this unnecessary assault on the freedom of your constituency.

Kevin J. Bowman
PLEASE, if you are a resident of Illinois visit the state board of elections to get contact information for your house and senate representatives. Please write them and let them know you are OPPOSED to HB1500.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Revelation - Lessons From Seven Churches

I spoke at a youth rally in Iowa on Saturday and this is the outline I used. The sermon itself is part 2 of a 5 sermon series I am working on from the book of Revelation. The whole format of the teachings is not to promote any "View" of Revelation. Instead it is to dis-encourage our academic approach to this the "final gospel" and instead develop as set of expository teachings from the text. I feel strongly after a lot of study of the book itself, rather than commentaries about the book, that Revelation is meant to be read from an expository standpoint.

As I get part 1 and parts 3-5 written I will post them as well.