Tuesday, April 17, 2007

KUDOS To Pepperdine

Although I am like 2 weeks behind the publication this story, I am just glowing with pride for the administration of Pepperdine University in the uniquely Christian response to the problem of unwed mothers on a Christian college campus.

The heart of this decision is summed up in this official statement:
‘When a student become pregnant she is faced with many difficult decisions. At Pepperdine we are strongly committed to being a caring support system in the event that an unmarried student should become pregnant. It is Pepperdine’s goal to provide resources, support and assistance for the student to continue in her studies. While Pepperdine does not support a student’s choice to engage in sexual relations outside of marriage, we do support the pregnant student throughout the process.’

I was on multiple instances grieved and angered at the administration of my Alma Matter when young women were expelled for pregnancy and the guy who sinned with them felt no consequence of his participation.

I encourage other colleges from my tribe (Churches of Christ) Abilene Christian University - Cascade College - Harding University - Oklahoma Christian University - Rochester College -York College - and those Christian colleges of other denominational heritages, to follow the lead of Pepperdine University and the example of Christ and stop this unjust and unchristian response in an already difficult time in the lives of these young ladies.

Additional Kudos are due to Patricia Heaton and
Feminists For Life for their role in encouraging Pepperdine to take the lead among Christian universities .

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