Sunday, February 29, 2004

Ctrl-Alt-Delete - Romans 8 on Transformation

I spoke at Connection Point tonight at Cardinal Drive. Here is the sermon CTRL-ALT-DEL in PDF if you want to use the outline. It is a sermon on our need to be radically renewed by the power of transformation from the control of sin, to the joy of salvation.

Marine Soldiers To Sent Haiti

Our President has managed to get us ensnared in another international entaglement. Tonight 2000 soldiers were deported on a peace keeping mission to Haiti. We must not and can not continue to allow our national leaders to use our soldiers as an international police force. Please write your Senators, your Representatives and The President to stop the compromise of our national defense through these imperialist projects.

I SUPPORT OUR MILITARY!!! I do not support the way our Commander and Chief is using them. Our military is commissioned for the defense of our nation, NOT for the protection of other nations. Please Mr. President - Bring our soldiers home.

My reference to 2000 Soldiers came from this article.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Look Daddy it's You

One more story of my daughters bedtime tonight. We were reading our "Daddies Do Best" book and page by page my little girl tells me, "That's a daddy! That's a baby!" Through the fox, the goat and the Rhino. As we get to the last set of daddy pages, she changes here sentence to "Daddy, that you!!!" I look down and there is a picture of an Alligator.

"I Want To Be the Cowboy Dora"

Last night my daughter came and got in the bed us. A few hours later when she was deep asleep she began to yell out from a nightmare. I wondered,"What stress could be causing this turmoil?" Was she being taken from us? Was she falling? Was someone hurting my precious girl? Of course, how would she even know these fears? Then in the midst of my wondering and worries for my precious girl, it all came to light in words, "I Want To Be the Cowboy Dora" she yelled! "I Want To Be the Cowboy Dora" she yelled again over and over and over. "Let me wear the costume!" She cried out as well.
I switched from worry to wonder as I lay in my bed laughing at my daughters nightmare: the horror that she could not dress up as Cowboy Dora.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Goto My Computer

We had a temp in our office today (Lori) and she called to ask where a certain file was. I began my instructions to her by saying "Goto 'My Computer'" and then continued to giver her the instructions to the file's path..
After my instructions she said to me, "Is your computer on and ready for me to use?"

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Find It, Think It, Plan It, Ink It...

Bed time with my daughter is one of the absolute highlights of my day. We read Snug House Bug House by
Susan Schade and Jon Buller. We read What Daddies Do Best by Laura Numeroff and we read Psalm 100. All of this fills me with joy in a way I could never even begin to explain. Tonight we ate ears and noses after Bible reading and before prayers.
I am so thankful to the authors of these 2 books for the joy their stories allow me and my daighter share. If you have a toddler and don't have these 3 books, I would strongly reccomend you add them. (The third book most importantly!)

My Stolen Dollars

Uncle Sam took over $12,000 dollars of my hard earned money this year. That was the disgust that overwhelmed me when I finally looked at my W-2 and began to process my taxes.

$1000 a month could do quite a lot around my house. I could lend more support to my missionary friend in Honduras, I could pay off ALL my debt in only a few months. I could do a lot with that money that is taken from me for government WEALTH REASSIGNMENT.

Take a look at your W-2's and if you share my disgust find canidates who want to change the tide of BIG GOVERNMENT THEFT.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

My Brothers Adoption

I wanted to ad a link to my brothers adoption portfolio on my blog. If anyone knows of a person looking for a Godly loving family to consider for the unborn child please print this and give it to them. The PDF file can be downloaded at

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Nader - I Support Your Democratic Campaign

Ralph Nader announced on Meet the Press this mornng his intention to seek the Office of President as an independent canidate. I am a BIG supporter of Nader's message to the Democratic party. Nader claims he is joining the race because the 2 parties are to close to each other. I AGREE COMPLETELY.
This election cycle does not need a Republican and Democratic canidate. This election needs real conversations between a libertarian, a socialist, and a moderate (or two). Only when all three platforms are put on the debate cycle together can the people of Amerca make real choices for their future.
If Raplh Nader and Aaron Russo can both manage to build enough independent fuel to really enter this race in a BOLD way, then it has the potential of being a chance to change for this nation.
Please visit all the websites of the canidates in this race, read the platforms, and make the decision for the direction you really want for the future.
Aaron Russo
Ralph Nader
John Kerry
President George Bush

Saturday, February 21, 2004

It'll Be A Girl

I know many of you were anxiously waiting to hear this news. For those of you who do not know, we had our 20 week ultrsound appointment. Christi screamed with joy when she found out te news that we will be having our 2nd beautiful baby girl. YAY US!! We had to get on te road to come down to St. Louis for the weekend so I did not have a chance to get online and record the great news.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Yahoo! (A Page From The Google Playbook)

Have you seen the crisp newYahoo! Search page. It is tight, clean, and ready to be used as any technophile's start page. Yahoo search is designed to load quickly, and present an more clear oppurtunity to find the information you are looking for QUICKLY!

You really have to say, looking at bthem both side by side like this. Google is STILL a much cleaner start page, but Yahoo offers more power with the Yellow page search. So w/ the looks so close, I guess you will need to choose your poison.

My Letter From Lois Lowry

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your kind words about THE GIVER and GATHERING BLUE.

Perhaps you will be interested to know that there will be a third book published in April, called MESSENGER. It takes place about seven years later and it links THE GIVER and GATHERING BLUE by using characters from both.

I hope you will have a chance to read it and that you will enjoy it, too.

Lois Lowry

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Lois Lowry - Gathering Blue

This is the most wonderful book I have ever been able to read. Lois Lowry -Gathering Blue Lois Lowry is a genius whose skills far surpass any others of our time. Her thought provoking books are a true blessing to those of us fortunate enough to read them.
When I first read The Giver about 8 years ago I decided that it was truly deserving of the top book spot in my list. (If you don't believe me check out my family page which has always referenced The Giver as my favorite. Lowry presented a wonderfully advanced and yet terribly desperate utilitarian world, that challenged the reader to examine their own feelings about the meaning of each member of society.
When I was walking past the teen section of Barnes and Noble on Sunday, I had no idea that there was more to the story. I had no idea that her name would catch my eye and I would be reading this fabulous story. In Gathering Blue Lowry takes the story further. Lowry examines a co-existent world that is crumbling from the weight of power that will tear at the seams of any utilitarian society. In this world the technology of The Giver is not present and only a few select membership society enjoy even the comforts we take for granted today.
If you have never read these 2 books, get them and read them. They are both magnificent! Thank you to Ms. Lowry for her splendid work, I can not wait to read Messenger now!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

KBlog- Gone But not Forgotten

It has been a silent week here at KBLOG. Things have been too hectic to gather even a shred to post about. Allow me to explain my week at work/home

Work - Thursday - Changed my network Subnet
Friday - Worked on Complications w/ Internet access becuase of new subnet
Monday - Worked on Printer Complications
Tuesday - Still working on Printer Complications
You Get the idea

HOME - Friday Night - Went out to "50 First Dates" for Valentine with Christi
Saturday - Lost TiVo Remote
Went To Church Dinner for Valentines
Looked for TiVo Remote
Sunday - Went to Church
Went to Lunch
Looked For TiVo Remote
Went Back To Church
Looked For TiVo Remote
Put Ella to bed
Worked on making a univeral remote work for TiVo
Looked For TiVo Remote
Monday - Looked for TiVo Remote
Put Ella To Bed
Looked for TiVo Remote
Gave up and Read a book!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

West Wing On Technology

"The Personal Computer?" - Josh
"A more effeienct delivery system for gossip and pornography, where's my jet pack?" - Leo Police to no longer enforce curfew law

Even though the liberal media at ABC 7 Chicago can not see the importantance of liberty to all citizens, the courts awarded a major victory today to First Admendment advocates. Personal liberty and parental rsponsibilty were awarded a great win. Thank you to the courts for making the right decision on civil liberty.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Bloomba Can't Read Atom

All my hopes have been DASHED!!! Bloomba the mail and RSS reader in one can not read ATOM. I am so sad about this. I really wanted this to work like this. Oh well, I sent them an email asking about this feature and they said no. I will keep looking.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Atom & Bloomba

I have done validated the Atom feed on this Blog so you can read it in an RSS reader, rather than on the HTML page if you should prefer. I have also downloaded Bloomba - The mail and RSS reader in one. So far I have not gotten the RSS part working w/my blog so I'll let you know when I do.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Sermon Index

I found this Great Website tonight. I was looking for Neil T. Anderson sermons, which the site does not have, but it has lots of other srmons bymany great scholars and preachers of the Church's history. Sermon Index has D.L. Moody, Corrie Ten Bloom, Ray Comfort, Bill Graham, Tozer, Jones, and so many others. I have added a permanent link to their site in the sidebar.I hope that these sermons can bless your life the way I know they will bless mine.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Web Redesign Completed (Sorta)

Well, I changed my mind and posted the new site tonight. I need some photographs, so it wil stil not be completedtill Monday or Tuesday, but almost all the framework of the new site is in place. If you want to get the feeling of the old site, click on the estimator button. That page will still have the old site look to it for a while, since that is the most difficult page to redesign. Check out the site, and order some shirts. Knockout Tees

Web Redesign

I probably should not post this until the redesign is done, but I am going to. I have spent a good portion of the day, redesigning the Knockout Tees website. I really decided it was the ugliest work I had done in a very long time. That was not at all becoming of a website for a company that sells image. You should still be able to see the ugly site until Monday, I hope to go live with the new site by then, so look fast if you want to see it!

I am also looking for new adverting opportunities for the T-Shirt company. Anyone who has any unique ideas for places to advertise suggest them and I would be very grateful.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Carbondale City Council Approves Resolution

The Carbondale City Council voted on the resolution urging Congress to amend the USA PATRIOT Act and approved it with a 5-2 vote.Congrats to the warrirors of liverty in Southern Illinois.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Is Google Web Search at Risk?

American Blind Vs. Google is in an intresting lawsuit that challenges it's propriatary serach algorithms under the guise a trademark infringement. Read the articlesto decide for yourself whether American Blind has a legitimate case, or if they are yet another company using the courtroom to "block out" the competition.

West Wing on Democratic Politics

"Social Security is the third rail of American politics, touch it and you die" - President Bartlett
"It's because the third rail is where all the power is" - Toby Zeigler

I could wax intelectuall on the truth of this attitude from the DNC. But I am determined that even though this is an election year I am not going to let this become a politics blog. So I will let you draw your own conclusions about the comments.

Exploding Toilets & Terrorism

Terrorist forces in England have flushed away their old methods, and this time attack was on the throne. No, not the queens throne, but a public waste convience facility. The 'superloo' exploded sending the roof flying, black water spewing, and smoke rising from inside the rest station. At this time both the terroist and Taco Bell have both been cleared of all fault in the ordeal.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

A Canadian's Thoughts On Half-Time

"Justin Timberlake, who tore off Jackson's bib, called it a 'wardrobe malfunction,' thereby asserting that Michael's little sister wears sun-shaped nipple shields on a day-to-day basis."Todd Babiak's Full Article:

My Response On Gonvernment Powers

I was asked by a person, who had read my post and then called me, what I meant by the statement, “holding back the current of government power so that it operates inside the banks of responsibility and liberty” I think this is a very valid question, and I wanted to respond to it using the Constitution as my guide. The US federal government is established to serve only a handful of purposes. Any government activity that falls outside of these constitutionally ordained parameters would be an illegal and irresponsible use of government power.

Let’s look at the powers of state that are constitutionally authorized to the federal government.

A. Form a more perfect Union - The first role of the federal government is to promote peace between the individual states that have united under it’s authority.
B. Establish Justice – Develop and enforce a minimal system of laws that can provide for a standard to issues that arise against the nation and between the states
C. Insure Domestic Tranquility – Promote peace within the individual states by commissioning a National Guard or Militia
D. Provide For The Common Defense – Commission an Armed Forces to protect the border and population of the states.
E. Promote the General Welfare – Facilitate systems that promote the economic health of the business and population within the states.
F. Secure the Blessings of Liberty - Responsibility to scrutinize each decision before the government to what decision would best accomplish the previous 5 directives and protect the individual rights of each citizen.

At its minimum the government has the authority to establish a military, to maintain a court system, and to promote trade and dialog between the states. All other uses of government power should be treated as suspect at best and in many cases as criminal. The legislature exists only to consider bills designed to accomplish these goals. Any decision that falls outside of these five duties should be deferred to the governments at a more local level. A government that sits safely inside the banks of liberty is a government that finds the opportunities to be the minimalist servant of the people.

A Quote From Johnny Ramone - Lead singer of The Ramones

"To me, I think punk should be right wing. That's how I see it. The left wing is trying to destroy America by giving handouts to everyone and making everyone dependent on them. They only care about the voter base. They don't really care about anything else. They don't care about anyone." Ramones Official Website

Carbondale Officials Ask Congress To End Their Assult on Liberty

After the horrific assult on our national soil in September of 2001, the power hungry leadership of this national government used the oppurtunity to further attack the American citizen by seizing the consitutional rights aforeded by our forefathers. Today the Carbondale City Council will vote on a resolution urging Congress to restore those rights to the American people. They will send a resolution asking Congress to pass
Freedom To Read Act - H.R. 1157 and Protecting the Rights of Individuals Act - S. 1552. More cities need to tell the people of Congress that Americans do not want their liberties stolen. Kudos to the city of Carbondale for considering this resolution.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Democrats 2004?

I can not say I am by any means an expert in the platform goals of the Democratic National Committee. I can not say that I understand the logic behind their movements, direction, and decisions. All I can say is that as an outsider this primary season is proving the completely defunct relationship the Democratic Party has with the people of America. I can not indict the Democratic Party alone in this problem either. The Republican Party has made itself ineffectual as well, by following in the shadow of the Democrats, trying to look just slightly less socialist than its left wing counterparts. American politics has been reduced to a contest between the very vocal socialist extremist (Democrats) and the more subtle moderate socialist (Republicans).

The interesting phenomenon in this is that, from my observation, conversations, and relations with people of many different classes and background, the American people are not socialist extremist: and most of these hard working, family providing, industrious people are not even moderately socialistic.
The conclusion you are left to draw is either I am talking to and having my views shared by too small of a population sample, or the major players in the two national parties are being manipulated by the special interest of a powerful minority. Naturally, I choose the latter here.
The people I have conversations with are in general cynical of the system, distrusting of the elected officials, and hopeless to any idea of an alternative. People do feel betrayed by the egregious assault on their personal liberties that have been made by these past administrations, and yet remain silently without hope to any reasonable chance of change.

In the midst of all this, the Democratic Party is quickly leading Senator John Kerry to his July nomination. Senator Kerry is a socialist extremist, he has committed while in office to move health care under government control, he has committed to send more funding (and therefore more national control) into America's schools, he has committed in his first 500 days to create 3 million new jobs: jobs that will be paid for with government dollars. Kerry has committed to increase government control in energy, nursing, manufacturing, and local law enforcement. Senator Kerry is no friend to the people I converse with on a regular basis. Senator Kerry is a friend only to those harlots who are nestled in the bed of government spending.

This country does not need a Senator Kerry, or any of his socialist lackeys wandering the halls of the white house. Fortunately, I do not believe that Senator Kerry can win this election. I believe that the members of his party have become so enamored by their own worth to the world, that they have no relevant message to campaign with. We are "blessed" to have another 4 years of only a socialist moderate in the White House.
In that 4 years I can only hope that something will spark, something will ignite and that the people of America will listen to the one party that has in its message the principles and priorities I hear from all the people all over this country that I talk with. I can only hope that the people of America will choose to loosen the yoke of their oppression by listening to the people who want to return their hard earned dollars back to them by dissolving the vote buying initiatives of welfare; by making individual communities responsible for their schools, roads, and parks; and by holding back the current of government power so that it operates inside the banks of responsibility and liberty.

I hope America can hear the promises of that party.

Driven Through The Night

I just got back to work, and all settled in after my trip to Michigan. It was great watching the ads on the big 84" screen up there. I was there with a bunch of Carolina fans they were all sad when the game ended with that last second field goal.
We drove through the night and got back in here about 6:15 this morning which meant I got to bed about 7:00. I selpt like 5 hours and got woke up a couple times with questions from the people at the offcie. It was not high quality sleep. I think I am going to bed at like 9:00.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

MVP of Super Bowl of Ads

5. Jimmy's Pizza - Pepsi
4. She's Just a Friend - Pepsi
3. We See Fiona - Microsoft
2. Laundry Honey - Mc Donalds

And the Winner Is
1. Shards of Glass - Truth


FLAG- Games Almost Over- Although it was chuckle worthy, the over all idea of comparing finacial planning to a football is scary, and they will not be my investment firm (If I had anything to invest)

Pepsi - (Pizza)

WINNER- Jimmy's Pizza- Kudos to Pepsi. This new ad campaign is a real winner. Although they have not been champs, they have been STEADY. I might have to grab one of these inferior drinks to celebrate.


WINNER- Shards of Glass- Although I have always thought the people at Truth to have a GREAT ad team, I am reluctant to like them too much because I figure my tax dollars are probably paying for them. I hate having my dollars stolen. All that being said, I loved this AD. It is definitely an MVP runner. Shards Of Glass, now that is FUNNY! Kudos to the people who gave us Replacement Smoker just about a month ago.


WINNER- Football Pass- This was a close call between a winner and a flag. I decided to let it pass off as a winner. Just barely, but a Nascar on a football field, I had to let it edge out to a win. Congrats to Nextel actually on the Nextel Cup!




WINNER- Homer's Plastic- Great usage pf the characters, locations, and themes of one the longest running shows of all time. Only weak part of this ad was that we never saw Krusty.


FLAG- Forgot Your Lipstick- Average ad. Funny, but not spectacular at all.


WINNER- New Wave- I had started to give up hope on the remaining ads after like 5 bad ones in a row. Cadillac, that was great. Great animation. Great Cinematography, Beautiful Vehicle! Get my White Pressed Shirt, and polyester pants.. I'm getting a Caddy!


LOSER- The Feeling- Was the B&W supposed to make an average everyday old ad cool? Well it did not. This was a Freshman entry in a varisty game. Gillette, you have been weighed, measured, and found wanting!

NFL Network

LOSER-What?- ?????????????????????

LOSER- Boring Monster Ad- The merit of Monster's heritage could not pay it's way out of advertising purgatory. They might as well have taken that $3 Million and flushed it down a toliet!


LOSER- Supply Extortion- This was A Lot of money for NOTHING!!! That ad was an embaressment to watch. I had it figured out in the first three seconds and it was just as dumb in execution as it was in my head. I belch in the gerneral direction of this ad.

Bud Light

FLAG- No Monkey Business- This ad was just subpar! Monkeys are so funny, but both ads tonight have come up short. Stop the Monkey business already and give me a good Primate ad!!!

LOSER- Tickets To New York- These ads are just NOT FUNNY. Drop them Microsoft!

Sierra Mist

FLAG- Pitcher of Water- Chuckle worthy but not anything special... Yeah it's kinda like that.


WINNER- We See Fiona- This is a hard one for me. The ad was not overly entertaining, yet it summarized very well all the reasons why computers and software exist. It was the IDEAL of software!


FLAG- Poker Chips- Great Idea, I thought this as was really good in concept. It just didn't seem to live up to the potential I see for it in my head. This is no Laundry Honey, I tell you that!

NFL Network

WINNER- Tommorow- Now I am no fan of football, and would never be a customer of the old NFL network. However, that was great. Kudos to all grown men singing Annie songs.

Kid-Rock Flag Outfit

LOSER- - That was the most offensive usage of the American Flag I have EVER seen. Kid Rock, you should be arrested for that desecration. The flag is not a piece of cloth to be tailored, it is a symbol of Liberty and of the constitution of this nation. For Shame on you!!!

Half Time - Super Bowl of Ads

CURRENT STATISTICS - (End of First Half)




TOP 3 ADS of First Half
3 - She's Just A Friend - Pepsi
2 - Doggy Talents - Bud Light
1 - Laundry Honey - Mc Donalds

Join the Team

WINNER- Join the Team- This is a freebie. If a group of All Star athletes can inspire people to be less self centered then I say that is a winner!


LOSER- Old People Scooter- Now this was an improvement from the first ad, but still full of lies. Compression is not speed. Compression is not Speed! COMPRESSION IS NOT SPEED!!!!


LOSER- Soap In Moth- The car was AWESOME and I want one. The ad though was JUST NOT FUNNY!!! Sorry Chevrolet, but Try Again!!!


WINNER- Snow Volleyball- Funny, yet troubling truthfully. Do we really want people represneting our nation who can't figure out they need to go down south to practice in winter? Just kidding! I am really quite troubled by the "ONLY" card of summer olympics. What does that mean?


FLAG- Muhammed Ali and Kid- What? Now I love the idea that is Linux. I love the idea that is the entire open source model, where a community works together to engineeer a top rate product, then individuals use that product to make their worlds better. But what was that?

Pepsi - Sandwiches

WINNER- She's Just a Friend- Now I have a special place in my heart for this song from my years at Camp Ne-O-Tez. So this ad got clear bonus points for that. I am also a fan of the Pepsi/Hot Dog ad which this was obviously in the lineage of. So great work, with a great song. Kudos!


LOSER- Charmin Bear Football- Is there really enough money in Toliet Paper to pay for this. I mean it's TOLIET PAPER!!!! Please Charmin, read the Levitra post and replace medical office with, well you know!

Phillip Morris

WINNER- 1 in 5 Kids- I would like this even better oif it was not court mandated, and if parents could un derstand this means EVERYTHING, not just about Tobbaco.


WINNER- Now I don't know what I was supposed to learn from this ad, but watching a car swerve to avoid another car thrown at it, after succesfully avoiding a bowling ball and grill. My only complaint is what did I have to watch the end on my computer, not on the big screen?

Pepsi and ITUNES

LOSER- Disregard The Law- My anger at this ad is immense. Is there anything wrong with a contest that does business with ITunes? Of course not, the problem is heroizing kids who commited a crime. This ad says, "THE LAW IS WRONG, IF YOU DON'T LIKE A LAW, FIND A WAY AROUND IT!" This is an atrocious statement that encourages rebellion. BOO to you Pepsi!


LOSER- Ditka's Loss of Dignity- This is my first and last post about these male enhancement drug ads. These men need to keep their dignity and pass on these ads. These companies need to educate doctors on the benfits of their products. Medicine should be practiced in a medical office, not on the Super Bowl

Sierra Mist

LOSER- Bagger Missing- How can you trash anything with a bag pipe brigade preparing for a parade. I mean this is like FREE PARKING on the Monopoly board of advertising, and yet, "WHAT WAS THAT?" A Bagger on a steam vent. What a way to ruin a free ride.

CURRENT STATISTICS - (End of First Quarter)





FLAG- Find the One You Dig- Monster introduced the world to internet companies. An internet grandpa with the likes only Yahoo and Amazon. Their return to advertising on the Super Bowl is a swift change from the past going for the ad to the OWNERS rather than to the job searcher. Monster, using your bonus that comes with stature, and I liked the Tag Line alot, but overall...the ad just didn't work for me.

Chevy Aveo

WINNER- Little on the Outside- This ad started out as a Loser, but it sure came together at the very end. Little men in big seats... Now that was a funny mental image. Kudos to Aveo for their Big Comfy Car

H&R Block

FLAG- Willie Nelson Advice Doll- Willie Nelson and tax advice; a dangerous move that just didn't quite pan out.

Bud Light II

LOSER- Bikini Wax - Still sophmoric, this time just not funny!


LOSER- American Chopper- Fast dial-up? Fast AOL? Isn't there a law about truth in advertising?


WINNER- Beary Tasty Leftovers- I could hardly bear my laughter here. Go Pepsi, that could get you the "Best use of bi-pedal Animal" award

Dodge Magnum

LOSER- Monkey on Your Back- Anything is funnier with a monkey, but this would have needed 1000 monkies to save this ad. Dodge, the car looks great, the ad could use a "monkey wrench"


FLAG- Alien Shipper- Great Concept / Bad execution. There was so much more that could have been done with the ad.

Bud Light

WINNER- Doggy Talents- I would like to dislike this ad on principle of not supporting a beer company. Seriously, the dog biting the man may be sophmoric, but that was funny.

Let The Game Begin





Ford GT II

LOSER- Professional Driver on a Closed Course- This ad cost them $150 bucks instead of the quater of the first. Congrats on that one tire you burned. This car ad could at least be the "Pace Car for Low Budget Advertising"

Pizza Hut - 4 for All

FLAG- Kermie loves Jessica- This is an amazing new idea, that Pizza Hut needed to think of years ago. Families everywhere will give a salute to the peace this Pizza brings. But this is a review of the ad not the product. Positive - Animal & Kermie------ Negative - Miss Piggy, Jessica Simpson, plot ------ Overall - It's not easy being...


WINNER- Laundry Honey- I have just three words about that ad, "I'm lovin it!" Hey honey, Ella and I both want Mickey-D dryer sheets from now on. I know it's early, but this could be an MVP contender.


FLAG- Games On- On the funny scale, I'd have to give that a six. A wedding theme is always a little funny, but that was nothing original. let's hope things try and get a little better than that.

Ford GT

LOSER- Ford - Spend No Money- Hey, what if I have NO MONEY and want to make an ad for the Super Bowl, can I do that. Although previous to the junk that Ford just put on the screen I would have said no, I must however now retract and say, "Well if the big boys can do it, so can you." That must have cost a quarter to produce. One word Ford - "BOO!!!"

Real California Cheese

WINNER- - Real California Cheese had a great ad with the happy cows. You know me, and my love of cheese. With only about 20 minutes left till game time, I think this is proabably the FIRST ad we have seen by a new product (or industry in this case) wanting to make themselves a household name. I wonder what Wisconsin thinks of their new friends from the Sunny West coast.

Priceline - Shatner/Nimoy Faceoff

FLAG- Priceline Shatner/Nimoy- The highlight of this ad was thinking Shatner was finally getting to boot. If I don't see the Captain's face again Priceline will go up 2 notches in my book. I am anxious to see how the first officer does.