Sunday, February 01, 2004

Netrix - I will never buy from you again!

Several years ago I bought a Cisco router from a small local company. A few years after that they were bought by Netrix LLC and I was given a new salesman from this company.

This salesman would keep me from EVER buying from these people again. He CONSTANTLY sends me e-mail I have never asked for, updates old proposals I am not trying to purchase anymore, and spams me with every new virus his techs send him an email about.

I just don't understand a company that instead of learning the preferences and needs of their custmoers just floods them with useless information. This is such a pet peeve to me. You need to learn from your customers, or you won't have any.

This final blow, (three copies of the same stupid virus warning that any idiot who watched the news would know about, let alone a person who keeps up on tech news, because that is their job) could have been avoided by a simple act of ASKING this customer a question.

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