Monday, February 02, 2004

Democrats 2004?

I can not say I am by any means an expert in the platform goals of the Democratic National Committee. I can not say that I understand the logic behind their movements, direction, and decisions. All I can say is that as an outsider this primary season is proving the completely defunct relationship the Democratic Party has with the people of America. I can not indict the Democratic Party alone in this problem either. The Republican Party has made itself ineffectual as well, by following in the shadow of the Democrats, trying to look just slightly less socialist than its left wing counterparts. American politics has been reduced to a contest between the very vocal socialist extremist (Democrats) and the more subtle moderate socialist (Republicans).

The interesting phenomenon in this is that, from my observation, conversations, and relations with people of many different classes and background, the American people are not socialist extremist: and most of these hard working, family providing, industrious people are not even moderately socialistic.
The conclusion you are left to draw is either I am talking to and having my views shared by too small of a population sample, or the major players in the two national parties are being manipulated by the special interest of a powerful minority. Naturally, I choose the latter here.
The people I have conversations with are in general cynical of the system, distrusting of the elected officials, and hopeless to any idea of an alternative. People do feel betrayed by the egregious assault on their personal liberties that have been made by these past administrations, and yet remain silently without hope to any reasonable chance of change.

In the midst of all this, the Democratic Party is quickly leading Senator John Kerry to his July nomination. Senator Kerry is a socialist extremist, he has committed while in office to move health care under government control, he has committed to send more funding (and therefore more national control) into America's schools, he has committed in his first 500 days to create 3 million new jobs: jobs that will be paid for with government dollars. Kerry has committed to increase government control in energy, nursing, manufacturing, and local law enforcement. Senator Kerry is no friend to the people I converse with on a regular basis. Senator Kerry is a friend only to those harlots who are nestled in the bed of government spending.

This country does not need a Senator Kerry, or any of his socialist lackeys wandering the halls of the white house. Fortunately, I do not believe that Senator Kerry can win this election. I believe that the members of his party have become so enamored by their own worth to the world, that they have no relevant message to campaign with. We are "blessed" to have another 4 years of only a socialist moderate in the White House.
In that 4 years I can only hope that something will spark, something will ignite and that the people of America will listen to the one party that has in its message the principles and priorities I hear from all the people all over this country that I talk with. I can only hope that the people of America will choose to loosen the yoke of their oppression by listening to the people who want to return their hard earned dollars back to them by dissolving the vote buying initiatives of welfare; by making individual communities responsible for their schools, roads, and parks; and by holding back the current of government power so that it operates inside the banks of responsibility and liberty.

I hope America can hear the promises of that party.

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