Tuesday, February 17, 2004

KBlog- Gone But not Forgotten

It has been a silent week here at KBLOG. Things have been too hectic to gather even a shred to post about. Allow me to explain my week at work/home

Work - Thursday - Changed my network Subnet
Friday - Worked on Complications w/ Internet access becuase of new subnet
Monday - Worked on Printer Complications
Tuesday - Still working on Printer Complications
You Get the idea

HOME - Friday Night - Went out to "50 First Dates" for Valentine with Christi
Saturday - Lost TiVo Remote
Went To Church Dinner for Valentines
Looked for TiVo Remote
Sunday - Went to Church
Went to Lunch
Looked For TiVo Remote
Went Back To Church
Looked For TiVo Remote
Put Ella to bed
Worked on making a univeral remote work for TiVo
Looked For TiVo Remote
Monday - Looked for TiVo Remote
Put Ella To Bed
Looked for TiVo Remote
Gave up and Read a book!

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