Sunday, February 22, 2004

Nader - I Support Your Democratic Campaign

Ralph Nader announced on Meet the Press this mornng his intention to seek the Office of President as an independent canidate. I am a BIG supporter of Nader's message to the Democratic party. Nader claims he is joining the race because the 2 parties are to close to each other. I AGREE COMPLETELY.
This election cycle does not need a Republican and Democratic canidate. This election needs real conversations between a libertarian, a socialist, and a moderate (or two). Only when all three platforms are put on the debate cycle together can the people of Amerca make real choices for their future.
If Raplh Nader and Aaron Russo can both manage to build enough independent fuel to really enter this race in a BOLD way, then it has the potential of being a chance to change for this nation.
Please visit all the websites of the canidates in this race, read the platforms, and make the decision for the direction you really want for the future.
Aaron Russo
Ralph Nader
John Kerry
President George Bush

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