Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Monday, June 28, 2004

Nooooooo Baby!

3:00 - Christi complains contractions are getting worse
5:00 - Christi and Mom tme contractions to 3 minutes apart
8:00 - We leave for Edward.
9:00 - OB nurse says Labor does not appear to be in progress
10:00 -OB nurse Bridget confirms Labor not in progress
No Baby yet. This little girl is quite content to stay happily in her mommy's tummy. I guess this is good since I want a 7/4 baby anyway. More info to come.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Carpet Bombs or Evangelism

My contempt for Abrahams sin grows stronger everyday. In the country of Sudan Islamic militants have killed and displaced 1 Million Christian and Animist in the southern region of Dafur.
Most people who read this know of my oppositin to the "War in Iraq." I do not think it is good policies to overthrow soverign nations in the name of their leader being "a bad guy." This does not mean I am oppossed to war. This does not mean I am oppossed to protecting the future safety of our nation. This does not even mean I am against protecting the people of Sudan from the Militant hate filled propaganda of the Militant Muslims.
Now I believe that Abraham's curse has created this problem. I do not believe the answer is peace and negotiation. I believe from a military perspective the answer is carpet bombings.
But we as Christian's must not surrender to seeing this from only a military perspective. We must see it in the fact that our struggle is not against flesh and blood. Our struggle is against powers and authorities that are filled with hate and destruction. We must see it as a call to BOLD PRAYER, IMPACTING EVANGELISM, and COMMITTED REVIVAL. I believe the only way we will see peace from the monsters of Islam is to follow God's formula given the nation of Israel. "Keep my commandments!"

Thursday, June 24, 2004

From 2 to Now 3 Tools Not to Live Without

So I had some complaints from friends of a propblem occuring on their computer. This was multiple friends who naturally live in multiple houses. These are responsible friends who have Anti-Virus and Adaware both running on their computers. At least one of the 2 had a pop-up blocker since I installed it at their home. Their problem was alomost EXACTLY the same. Whenever they surfed the internet they were getting lots of popup ads and this is what caught my attention, both complained of a "Lycos" search window coming up whenever they performed a search at any site. This got me to thinking, there must be a common thread here. 2 friends both w/ Lycos popping up. Both friends also noted they had a virus but it was healed/quarentined (they used diff programs)

Being the responsible friend I am, I went and spent a few minutes surfing geocities, and angelfire to see if I could get this virus. No virus yet. I had to take drastic measures. I decided to look for less desireable sites. Sure enough it was only minutes before a virus got caught and healed by my AVG anti-virus and so I performed a search and boom, I had ads from Lycos.

I then performed a full system scan using adaware, it found and delteed ALOT of items, but still the Lycos window was popping up. I ran a full system scan w/ my anti virus, no viruses found. I performed a Google search, and there was the Lycos window still. I had succesfully replicated their problem. Yay Me!!!

Now the question was, how do I get rid of it? It seemed to me that it was adware not spyware so I went to the Lavasoft site and did some reading, there was a plugin for searching your LSP or "search" files on your computer. They all looked good to me but one rsvpsp.dll. I don't know why it stood out, but it did not seem to follow the naming convention and seemed to have to do w/ returning information.

The I found it. It was a spyware hijak. I needed a piece of software called Spyhunter to remove it. I paid my $29.99 downloaded and ran the problem. In a about an hour it had found 32 files and reg entries that Adaware had not found, and fixed the Lycos problem.

Problem solved!

3 Tools You Need on Your Computer

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Homeowners & Voters

Well in the classic understanding of voter rights our family is finally equipped with the tools necessary to vote. We have bought a home. It is a small 3 bedroom ranch in Roselle, IL.

It was a treacherous journey getting here. On Friday at 3:30 the bank canceled our 4:00 closing. Even yesterday as we signed the papers and transfered the title, the bank had yet to fund the loan. Yet we walked out with our paperwork in order and a small wait ahead of us for the finality.


Thursday, June 17, 2004

I Do Not Like Mortages and Banks... I do not like them Kevin I Am

Oh Give me a home, where the buff.... At this point just give a home would suffice. So heres the deal with Wells Fargo and Titan Home Mortage. Wells Fargo is putting up 80% of the money and has been ready sine Tuesday. Titan Home Mortage is putting up 20% of the money and can not get their act together. At this point I am getting an "ALMOST" definite yes that it will be tommorow morning. What does "ALMOST" definite mean. Is this one of those things like "Sorta" preganant, or "slightly" drunk?

3 Things I know in life.
A. You are pregnant or not pregant period.
B. You are drunk or not drunk period.
C. You are definite or not definte period.

OH WELL - I read a definition that worrying was "Concerning my self with problems I have no control over." I definitely have NO CONTROL over this, so I guess I will just stop worrying and move to crying if need be.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Can It Be? Can It Be? Whisper...

It might be Friday, It might not be Friday. No Body really knows. My mortage broker is stil w/o an answer as to whether or not it is going to happen for sure. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I only wish I was this was all done.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

No House For You

We were not able to close on our house today. AHHHHHHH! Darn Wells Fargo and their meaningless promises. Not realy. Wells Fargo has actually been WONDERFU in all this. I have worked w/ three different people. Paul Reuer, Crystal Kennedy, and Cindy Morris. All three have been attentive, responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would really reccomened any of these three.

So why then did we not close you might ask. Well I sure was. It seems the second mortage company, carrying our home equity loan was not ready to close. They at the last minute decided they needed MORE information. So today it was bank statements.

So Friday, I hope to blog that we are happy homeowners, unti then...

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I Have Not Ceased To Exist

It seems to be that it would look like I have ceased to exist. This is not true. We are just VERY BUSY w/ the T-Shirts, the Baby, and moving to our new house. That's right, we are buying a house. It is a small 3 bedroom across the street from my office and the T-Shirt company. It will be wonderful to not drive 40 minutes each way. That will be a real relief for my life.