Friday, June 25, 2004

Carpet Bombs or Evangelism

My contempt for Abrahams sin grows stronger everyday. In the country of Sudan Islamic militants have killed and displaced 1 Million Christian and Animist in the southern region of Dafur.
Most people who read this know of my oppositin to the "War in Iraq." I do not think it is good policies to overthrow soverign nations in the name of their leader being "a bad guy." This does not mean I am oppossed to war. This does not mean I am oppossed to protecting the future safety of our nation. This does not even mean I am against protecting the people of Sudan from the Militant hate filled propaganda of the Militant Muslims.
Now I believe that Abraham's curse has created this problem. I do not believe the answer is peace and negotiation. I believe from a military perspective the answer is carpet bombings.
But we as Christian's must not surrender to seeing this from only a military perspective. We must see it in the fact that our struggle is not against flesh and blood. Our struggle is against powers and authorities that are filled with hate and destruction. We must see it as a call to BOLD PRAYER, IMPACTING EVANGELISM, and COMMITTED REVIVAL. I believe the only way we will see peace from the monsters of Islam is to follow God's formula given the nation of Israel. "Keep my commandments!"

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