Thursday, June 17, 2004

I Do Not Like Mortages and Banks... I do not like them Kevin I Am

Oh Give me a home, where the buff.... At this point just give a home would suffice. So heres the deal with Wells Fargo and Titan Home Mortage. Wells Fargo is putting up 80% of the money and has been ready sine Tuesday. Titan Home Mortage is putting up 20% of the money and can not get their act together. At this point I am getting an "ALMOST" definite yes that it will be tommorow morning. What does "ALMOST" definite mean. Is this one of those things like "Sorta" preganant, or "slightly" drunk?

3 Things I know in life.
A. You are pregnant or not pregant period.
B. You are drunk or not drunk period.
C. You are definite or not definte period.

OH WELL - I read a definition that worrying was "Concerning my self with problems I have no control over." I definitely have NO CONTROL over this, so I guess I will just stop worrying and move to crying if need be.

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