Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Word For Baltimore!

When the people of this country share equal access to academic and economic opportunity; then we will sit quietly.

When the people of this great nation share one justice system and that system seeks justice, then we will gather peaceably.

When the people of this country recognize the wounds of systemic disenfranchisement are not mended by apologies and new laws, then we will no longer need to shout the classic anthems of liberation.

But today is not that day and today we scream. 

We cry out for the voiceless ancestors who were beaten till they cried out no more.

We interrupt your comfortable life for those who have been cheated of the chance of justice.

We agitate alongside those generations of agitators who never saw economic and academic parity.

Though my skin is not dark like yours, and I lack the fire of your youth. I stand with you Baltimore! I stand with you Minneapolis! I stand with you Ferguson! I stand with all my brethren of color and I cry out alongside you; "Black Lives Matter," until this anthem can not be ignored any longer.

The Power is the problem! The People must be the answer! 

Disunity is the weapon of our captors, interdependence must become the salve of our liberation.