Monday, August 22, 2016

"Everything is Balanced and Serene. Like Chaos Never Happens if it’s Never Seen"

The truth is, it only lasted 10 minutes. The picture will still remain on Instagram and Facebook; popping up through out the day into my friend's and acquaintance's feeds. I will add the "Likes" as the day  progresses. They will be envious of the view, the coffee, and even the outside temperature; each element was carefully framed to invoke jealousy when the algorithm delivers my perfectly couture post. Reality however, is vastly different than the serene illusion presented in my carefully manicured image.  Reality is, the serenity on lasted 10 minutes.

It was only 10 minutes later the tranquility was replaced by entropy .  As I shot the photo there were already small irritations, not worth mentioning. I had become a mosquito smorgasbord, the WiFi signal was weak so Internet speed was terrible, and my neighbors were having a distractingly loud conversation while they too enjoyed the cool morning air.  Yet, those were mere vexes, minor dander which would not ruin my peaceful space.

10 minutes, it only lasted 10 minutes before I bumped the TV tray leg as I was attempting to stand up. Plans were to run inside for just a quick potty break. Two minutes inside and then back to the comfortable cool of my morning work space.  That however, never happened.  My leg whacked against the tray which went flying upward, launching my coffee at a trajectory somehow perfectly aimed to inflict the highest level of splatter across the computer keyboard.  Milliseconds later these new elements of turmoil peaked in their upward ascent and hurled back in a clatter.

Just 10 minutes later, I was now staring at a TV tray in pieces, a venti coffee spilled and splashed across my keyboard, and my computer crashed atop the entire mess.  I stared blankly for several seconds attempting to assess the wreck in front of me. "Fuck!" I screamed; the explicative jarring me into a reactive action.  I grabbed my computer sprinting inside to the kitchen to clean the coffee before it leaked inside between the keyboard keys.

10 minutes of simplicity which will remain enshrined, returning again in the future through "On This Day" notifications.  The chaos, will not return.  The chaos does not exist in the digital breadcrumbs and archives we are leaving behind.  I am not attempting to hide the mess, it is just that when the computer is covered in coffee and more is continuing to pour out there is no time to frame the perfect photo.  There is only response! Action to alleviate the unexpected quagmire. The chaos is not chronicled because the time is consumed by exertion of intervention.

Like my picture perfect morning, I reflect on how much wonder and beauty is underpinned with unseen chaos.  I am in the midst of an Independent theatre festival. Being Monday morning I started my day by perusing through the wonderful photos, rave reviews, and personal memories posted to social media by the attendees and press. It is all the perfect picture of  our Festival. As patrons watched shows, supported artists,  and made memories  I planned, acted, and reacted; once running seven blocks from one venue to another because the show needed to start and no one could make sound from the wireless microphone come out through the speakers.  There is the ever present commotion and disarray.  It is in the social media photo and it is in the Festival. It is in every human event we share.

"Everything is balanced and serene. 
Like chaos never happens if it’s never seen."
-Fun Home the Musical