Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Convention Is A Potemkin village

I heard Sean Hannity refer to the Democratic National Convention as a Potemkin village. Now Senator Clinton has made the same accusations of the republican convention.

Now perhaps I am revealing my own deplorable ignorance here, but I decided I needed to look up in the dictionary what a Potemkin village was that both sides wanted to go accusing the other of building one.

After a through reading of both the Ameircan Heritage and dictionary.com definition I have 1 word for both Mr. Hannity and Sen. Clinton, "DUH!!!!" I mean what is the convention if not the best sounding rhetoric of the party. Politics as a whole is a Potemkin village. This accusation does not carry much weight for me on either side.

Ben Stein's Final Thoughts

Ben Stein has written his final Monday Night at Morton's article for E-Online Magazine. After praising the soldiers in the war on terror, the police in South Central LA, the orderly performing triage, and more of the true "stars" of society he concluded with this analysis on life.

"We are not responsible for the operation of the universe, and what happens to us is not terribly important. God is real, not a fiction, and when we turn over our lives to Him, he takes far better care of us than we could ever do for ourselves.
In a word, we make ourselves sane when we fire ourselves as the directors of the movie of our lives and turn the power over to Him."

Monday, August 30, 2004

Ron Silver Was My Highight of The Evening

John McCain was better than I would have expected for a RINO, especially in his attack on Michael Moore. Gulliani was great from his opening till his close. I loved his "they hard from us" summaries. However the highlight of the night for me was Ron Silver. Ron Silver was eleoquent, concise and spoke to the true nature of this war we are in.

Some Highlights that touched me:
We will never forget
We never Forgive
We will never excuse

History shows we are not imperialist, but we are fighters for freedom and democracy.

General Dwight Eisenhower's statement if 6o years ago is true today, "United in this determination, and with unshakeable faith in the cause for which we fight, we will with God's help go forward to our greatest victory.

PS- I love TiVo

A Quick Layout Note

I am using a Blogger Template for a few days until I can work up a new template of my own. I decided I did not like to layout of my blog anymore so I am fixing it up. A personalized template will be back up shortly.

Terrorist Turn On France

MSNBC reports that Iraqi Terrorist have taken a French reporter hostage and are threating to behead him if France does not repeal a law that according to the Islamic Fundamentalist is a "an aggression on the Islamic religion and personal freedoms," A religion that will KILL and TORTURE their citizens for not praying in the appointed way would have the audacity to accuse France of assaulting personal freedom. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt there is no end to the accusations of assulting personal freedooms in France; however the hypocrisy of that coming from the mouth of Islamic Jihadist is unbelieveable.

I will say however as I see the Islamics turn on France, (Kevin' hangs his head in shame) "We are in the midst the third world war. I was wrong. Both the terrorist organizations and those nations which support terrorist organizations through funding or through the sale of arms are infact the enemies of this war. We must as in all times of war defeat these Islamic Jihadist for the sake of our future. We must not "depreacate agitation", but instead embrace the price of bloodshed necesary for the pursuit of freedom from tyranny. "

Friday, August 27, 2004

The 'I am a gay American' defense

New Jersey Governor James McGreevey's resignation statement was brilliant.

Threatened with a sexual harassment lawsuit by his alleged male lover, having appointed him, a thoroughly unqualified man, as homeland security advisor at a time when America, in particular, the New York metropolitan area, is threatened with horrific terror and with any number of other instances of corruption already revealed and more likely to come out, Governor McGreevey saw the future and realized he had to resign from office. -
Dennis Prager: The 'I am a gay American' defense

This like so many of Mr. Pragers articles is an absolutely fabulous attack on the liberal double minded lack of reason.

I agree with EVERYTHING Mr. Prager says in this article until the very last paragraph.

No politician should have to resign from office because he committed an infidelity. But gay politicians should be held to the same standards as straight ones. Otherwise, "I am a gay American" will continue be a great defense, even when it may not even be true.

All politicians who do not have the strngth of character to refrain from infedlity and fornication should be forecefully removed from office by constituents. If a man can not contain his will to fornicate, how can he be entrusted with any issure at the public's hand.

Alan Keyes On Foreign Policy

Those of you who have stumbled across my little neck of the woods from my brothers blog know his stand on framing all decisions of foreign policy in light of the the 3rd (or 4th) world war. In this transcript to Dr. Keyes' Foreign Policy speech he well outlines this perspective.

Right or Wrong, Dr. Keyes as always lays it out eloquently.

My Stand on Illegal Immigration

Here is a response I wrote on Illegal Immigration in the Keyes For Senate2004 in Yahoo Groups. If you think I am a horrid American for this stand engage me and I believe that I can show you more examples of how the existence of "illegal immigration" hurts the economy and security of our nation.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Eating By God's Design

Gensis 1:28-30 God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground." Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground-everything that has the breath of life in it-I give every green plant for food." And it was so.

God prescribes 3 items designed for food to mankind in the Garden. Seed Bearing Plants, Fruits, and Green Plants. This was God's design for diet before the Fall. God's will was a world without death, a land of peace, so all animals ate the way God designed their bodies to eat, Vegtables, Fruits, and Leaves. With time, death entered God's creation and the consumption of meat entered with it. Thi consumption went on from the Fall tothe Flood when God blessed the eating of meating.

One could argue however, that this is not what the body was made for. The body was made for eating fresh, raw, fruits vegetables and seeds. When we eat any other food we violate God's design for our body.

So then, am I saying that I believe it is wrong to eat meat? By no means. I am saying that it is a violation of God's design and therefore lacks VALUE. Only those things we designed to dine on can be a blessing to our bodies. I love meat as I also love potato chips. One has no problem understanding why the later is without value, but the meat too, since it is in violation of God's design is without positive value to the body.

So why Kevin are you on this tangent, you may be asking? The reason is I have had 2 encounters today that has reminded of our need to submit to God's dietary designs. 1st I was visited by my friend who is only 6 months older than me, yet he has been on Anti-Biotics for 14 months now with no plans to stop, and only dietary changes necessary to stop the pain. 2nd my brother left me a voice message about being diagnosed with a Gluten Allergy. As though of you know who know me I too am allergic to Gluten. I spent several months as a vegetarian. I juiced 3 times a day and ate olny salads and cooked vegetable in addition to that. That time brought GREAT healing to my body. When I gave the body the things God designed it to have, and eliminated the things that were luxuries and of no value. I was able to heal.

I can now tolerate small amounts of wheat with no affect. I beleieve, although I have lacked the disipline to practice my belief to this point, that with a longer period of healing foods, I could eliminate this sickness all together. Someday I will have the strangth to discover if that is the case.

Monday, August 23, 2004

No Child Left Behind

A friend and mentor of mine, who works for the State's School Sytems sent me a letter of even his disenchament with the stupidity of No Child Left Behind. This is my response against the program
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Of course you probably see the dangers with this kind of legislation mores so than I do, but I have been railing against this kind of Government Centric ideology for years. I am especially against NCLB, the DOE and all State (FEDERAL) Sponsorship of education. I live in Roselle, a town bragged on for it’s great schools. Yet the Feds (who have NO BUSINESS in education at all) have decided I live in a failing district.

The provision is problematic for administrators at Lake Park High School, a one-school district in Roselle. Classes started Wednesday, and if the school remains on the failing list, officials will have to negotiate an agreement with a neighboring district to provide students with a choice.

Lake Park District 108 administrators said they believe they were placed on the list because special-education and Latino students failed to meet state standards in math and science, but "we're still waiting" for official word from the state, said spokeswoman Terry Ryan. -Chicago Tribune

The foolishness of this is that it is the direct result of people allowing the decisions that most affect their lives to be made at the highest levels of government. In a free republic (which we are under the constitution) the weight of importance of a matter lowers the level of government of which decisions and funding should come. There is possibly NO issue more than important to the heart of a parent than education. My small house in Roselle, cost more than a house with about 800 – 1000 square feet more in Aurora mostly because of the reputation of the schools. People will pay to live in a district that they see will be the right choice for their child’s future. That is the way it should be.

Now I am MOST FEVERENTLY a supporter of Private or Home education. I believe that a parent should decide the type of education their child receives. I plan on using a combination of these two methodologies for my child. But the problem that allows for a program like NCLB to exist is that most parents do not want to spend the fiscal resources, or show the personal responsibility to make the best choice for their child’s education.

I hope the NCLB does crash from it’s own weight. I hope that more and more people remove their children from the States failed education systems. I hope that the responsibility of education returns where it belongs, to the home and to the community.

Just my rant!


PS – The crappy part is that the feds don’t send all that much money anyway to fund their ridiculous program.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

A Timely Prayer

I wanted to the record the prayer I wrote for the closing of our service today. I believe it is very appropraite and timely to the issues in my life personally and at the world around me. Please pray this prayer as you read it.

Father of Life
King of Peace
The creation is your glory.
Mankind your hands masterpiece.

We praise you Great Physician
For the healing of our bodies
and the bodies of those we love.

We praise you Mighty Counselor
For the healing of the nations.

You Oh Lord are the Giver of Grace
and neither death nor life
nor angels, nor rulers
nor things present, nor things to come,
nor powers, nor height, nor depth,
nor anything else in all creation
will seperate us from your love.

You Oh Lord are a Slave Master,
Yet You have offered Freedom and Adoption.

You Oh Lord come in Righteousness to Make War.
Your Robe is dipped in Blood!
A Sword comes from your mouth.
You will rule the nations with an Iron Rod.
You will crush the nations with Fury.
You are King og Kings and Lord of Lords.

And We, your church
We offer up our lives to you.
We offer up our friendships to you.
We offer up our nation to you.
We offer all to you.

For you are coming soon.
For you are the Great I AM.
For you are GOD!

Protect us.
Forgive us.
Refine us.
Redeem u.s

For yours is the Glory Forever

Friday, August 20, 2004

Bigger Government is Our Failure

Lorie Van Auken, who lost her husband at the World Trade Center, said Sept. 11 families also plan to keep up the pressure for change.
"We want everybody's attention to stay focused on the report and its recommendations because the status quo failed us," she said. -Assoc. Press

We were not failed on September 11th. We have been failed by those who have used the tragedy of that day as a means to steal the liberty of our people. In a free society those who wish to grow and prosper that society and those who wish to destroy must all be free together. We were not failed on September 11th.

We were not failed on September 11th. We have been failed by those who cried out against the liberties that allowed a tragedy like that to take place. We have been failed by those who see continued degrading of the second amendment as a way to protect America. We have been failed by those who feel more cabinets, more stafffs, and mopre government is needed because of that day. We were not failed on September 11th.

We were not failed on September 11th. The failure of America was in the apathy to the blood that must be shed in the name of liberty in the years and months before the tragedy. The failure was in the months and years since the tragedy where that apathetic surrender of liberty has pursued. That day America was angry, proud, valiant, and nobel. That day America was united one nation endowed by their creator. That day America was in her glory. We were not failed on September 11th.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Rushville, IL

We had a show this past weekend in Rushville, IL. This place is basically about 100 miles past absolutely nowhere. It was the abe solute desolation of society. I must say the people were wonderfully nice and it was a great show, but this place was so isolated they did not have cellular service. This place was so far removed from anything urban they did not have a Mc Donalds or a Walmart. This place was so emptied of civilizations convinences that ... OK I am out of mean things to say.

If you ever have nothing to do and want to visit nowhere, check out Rushville. Wonderful people in the middle of nowhere.

Randall and the 84 Olympic Games

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The MASH Quiz

So My brother had a link to this quiz up on his site. I was a little offended at who I turned out to be, but hey there is some element of truth in comedy I assume.

Click here to take the M*A*S*H quiz!

Why I Am Excited About Dr. Keyes

Many of my firends have been giving me a hard time about my excitement over Dr. Keyes after my many blasts and tyrates against the Republican Party of the last 2-3 years.

I want to address this so there are no questions about my loyalty to this campaign from any of them.

About 4 years I got out and there and worked the events, worked the streets, gathered names, handed out buttons, literature and bumper stickers during the primaries season. I was very upset with the lack of fiscal conserativeness I saw from the party. I was upset with the over whelming RINO nature of the party, and I was upset with the social policies being popularized by republicans claiming to be from the party of Lincoln. All in all I had lost all faith in moderates. So there I was working the primary campaign of the last vestibule of true conserative constitutional federalism I saw as a player in the party. I was campaigning for Dr. Keyes.

When the party saw fit to award the nomination to a moderate RINO I gave up on finding hope from within the halls of the GOP. So for the last four years I have considered myself more closely associated with the libertarians than with the National GOP RINOs.

I do believe that George W. Bush is BAD for our economy. I beleieve that under his presidency we have seen government grown as bad as under any Democrat president. He has allowed for the expansion of Clinton's socialist programs. He has signed further socialism into law.

In addition to my issues with his moderate concessions to socialism, I believe he also lost focus on the War on Terror. That is a war to bring down those who are actively working to endanger American lives.

The answer to Americas safety is not in spending money the federal government has stolen from my hardwork to build infrastructure throughout Iraq. It is to find find the antibiotic necessary to take down the entire structure of the terroris organizations.

But I digress.....

I am not back on board with the GOP. I am on board with Dr. Keyes. The GOP must see the only sustainable future this nation has is to embrace the principles of liberty that Jefferson, Madison, and yes Dr. Keyes stand for.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Alan Keyes Blog

Check out the Alan Keyes Blog for Update information on the campaign and apperances.


I am selling the Alan Keyes ALAN KEYES T-SHIRT T-Shirts we were out selling yesterday at the Rally. Please but one of these and wear it proudly.

I am making a donation back the campaign for every shirt I sell. If you are really a hardcore supporter of Mr. Keyes and want a shirt but can't afford the $10 drop me an email with Alan Keyes shirt in the subject line and we will see what we can do together.

Please buy one of these shirts and let the state know who our next Senator needs to be.


Christi and I went to the Alan Keyes Rally yesterday in Arlington Heights. It was awesome. He is such a talented speaker and so well thought out. He is truly the kind of leadership I hope the people of Illinois have the insight to send to Washington as our Senator.
He deftly answered his reasons for carpetbagging in Illinois with his moral obligation to oppose the murderous agenda of Barak Obama's love of full birth abortions. It is a shame that anyone would support the killing of a living human in the name of convience.
I hope the people of Illinois have the insight to elect Dr. Keyes as a wise social conserative, fiscal conserative, opponent of affirmative action, welfare, abortion, and the income tax. Illinois needs Alan Keyes.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Congrats To Nate and Jenni

I was unabe to mention when I found out that Nate and Jeni 2 of my best friends froms College have taken over the foster care of an 8 month and 2 1/2 year old. As the dad of a 3 year old and little one it is quite impressive to see anyone take over with out the warmup of having only one. I am so proud of them.

Nate is the co-founder of Sabyr Publishing a publishing company commited to resources that will activate your faith by empowering Christians to understand their gifts and their purpose in the Kingdom.

15 Days With Out A Post

So I am sorry I completely died there for a while as far as posting goes. It has just been very Crazy so let me tell you what has been going on in these missing 2 weeks.

First there was camp. We had about 70 litte munchkins at Junior week this year at Rockford Christian Camp. I had a staff of 5 people incuding myself running all the afternon and evening activities. It was A LOT of fun, and very energizing.

Anna and Ella both enjoyed their camp experiences as well. Of course Anna was our youngest camper of the week at 2 weeks old, but that is not the youngest camper I have ever seen there because Henry's niece came out to camp only a few days old if I remember correctly.

Ella was a walking collection of dirt. The highight of enterainment to me was while we were at lunch my mom commented she did not know how Ella got SOOOO much sand in her hair everyday, then no more than 10 minutes after lunch I saw Ella in the sandbox (A.k.a. Voleyball Court) rubbing the top of her head in the sand.

After camp we had about 2000 shirts to get done this week, so we were VERY busy in the T-Shirt Company as well. So here I am hopefully back and able to et back to posting.

P.S. Alan Keyes is running for the Republican Senate seat in IL. I am joining the campaign.