Friday, August 27, 2004

The 'I am a gay American' defense

New Jersey Governor James McGreevey's resignation statement was brilliant.

Threatened with a sexual harassment lawsuit by his alleged male lover, having appointed him, a thoroughly unqualified man, as homeland security advisor at a time when America, in particular, the New York metropolitan area, is threatened with horrific terror and with any number of other instances of corruption already revealed and more likely to come out, Governor McGreevey saw the future and realized he had to resign from office. -
Dennis Prager: The 'I am a gay American' defense

This like so many of Mr. Pragers articles is an absolutely fabulous attack on the liberal double minded lack of reason.

I agree with EVERYTHING Mr. Prager says in this article until the very last paragraph.

No politician should have to resign from office because he committed an infidelity. But gay politicians should be held to the same standards as straight ones. Otherwise, "I am a gay American" will continue be a great defense, even when it may not even be true.

All politicians who do not have the strngth of character to refrain from infedlity and fornication should be forecefully removed from office by constituents. If a man can not contain his will to fornicate, how can he be entrusted with any issure at the public's hand.

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