Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Why I Am Excited About Dr. Keyes

Many of my firends have been giving me a hard time about my excitement over Dr. Keyes after my many blasts and tyrates against the Republican Party of the last 2-3 years.

I want to address this so there are no questions about my loyalty to this campaign from any of them.

About 4 years I got out and there and worked the events, worked the streets, gathered names, handed out buttons, literature and bumper stickers during the primaries season. I was very upset with the lack of fiscal conserativeness I saw from the party. I was upset with the over whelming RINO nature of the party, and I was upset with the social policies being popularized by republicans claiming to be from the party of Lincoln. All in all I had lost all faith in moderates. So there I was working the primary campaign of the last vestibule of true conserative constitutional federalism I saw as a player in the party. I was campaigning for Dr. Keyes.

When the party saw fit to award the nomination to a moderate RINO I gave up on finding hope from within the halls of the GOP. So for the last four years I have considered myself more closely associated with the libertarians than with the National GOP RINOs.

I do believe that George W. Bush is BAD for our economy. I beleieve that under his presidency we have seen government grown as bad as under any Democrat president. He has allowed for the expansion of Clinton's socialist programs. He has signed further socialism into law.

In addition to my issues with his moderate concessions to socialism, I believe he also lost focus on the War on Terror. That is a war to bring down those who are actively working to endanger American lives.

The answer to Americas safety is not in spending money the federal government has stolen from my hardwork to build infrastructure throughout Iraq. It is to find find the antibiotic necessary to take down the entire structure of the terroris organizations.

But I digress.....

I am not back on board with the GOP. I am on board with Dr. Keyes. The GOP must see the only sustainable future this nation has is to embrace the principles of liberty that Jefferson, Madison, and yes Dr. Keyes stand for.

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