Saturday, August 07, 2004

15 Days With Out A Post

So I am sorry I completely died there for a while as far as posting goes. It has just been very Crazy so let me tell you what has been going on in these missing 2 weeks.

First there was camp. We had about 70 litte munchkins at Junior week this year at Rockford Christian Camp. I had a staff of 5 people incuding myself running all the afternon and evening activities. It was A LOT of fun, and very energizing.

Anna and Ella both enjoyed their camp experiences as well. Of course Anna was our youngest camper of the week at 2 weeks old, but that is not the youngest camper I have ever seen there because Henry's niece came out to camp only a few days old if I remember correctly.

Ella was a walking collection of dirt. The highight of enterainment to me was while we were at lunch my mom commented she did not know how Ella got SOOOO much sand in her hair everyday, then no more than 10 minutes after lunch I saw Ella in the sandbox (A.k.a. Voleyball Court) rubbing the top of her head in the sand.

After camp we had about 2000 shirts to get done this week, so we were VERY busy in the T-Shirt Company as well. So here I am hopefully back and able to et back to posting.

P.S. Alan Keyes is running for the Republican Senate seat in IL. I am joining the campaign.

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