Monday, August 16, 2004

Rushville, IL

We had a show this past weekend in Rushville, IL. This place is basically about 100 miles past absolutely nowhere. It was the abe solute desolation of society. I must say the people were wonderfully nice and it was a great show, but this place was so isolated they did not have cellular service. This place was so far removed from anything urban they did not have a Mc Donalds or a Walmart. This place was so emptied of civilizations convinences that ... OK I am out of mean things to say.

If you ever have nothing to do and want to visit nowhere, check out Rushville. Wonderful people in the middle of nowhere.

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Anonymous said...

For a town that exists beyond the bowels of hell, we can boast that WE do in fact have cellular service, a Hardee's as well as a Dairy Queen (the later being there since 1987 and beyond). We also can brag that we have an Illinois Senator from here in "nowhere". These are just a few of the wonderful things that can be said about Rushville. Maybe if you were to cut your hair and stop well, who knows what you were doing, you would see a great place to raise your kids and agreat town in which to live.