Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Aquarium in Nashville!

So here we are at the Aquarium in Nashville. You can look at like 30 species of fishes and sharks all while enjoying a slightly expensive meal that is only moderate in taste.But man, they must have a HUGE overhead. All in all it was an enjoyable sight and worth it to do at least once.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

In Service of the Savior

Starting next week in our Bible Study at Work we are going to be studying the book of Hebrews. We have just finished a 1.5 year study of Genesis through 2 Kings, and so I decided it would be the most appropriate time to look at my favorite book by Barnabas. I see Hebrews as one of the first "great theological works" of the church. The imagery and connection of the mosaic levitical traditions to the sacrifice of Christ is a basic primer for most understanding of the necessity and responsibilty to cherish the O.T. We need the Old Covenant as the schoolmaster to the New Covenant. Hebrews teaches us how our deep love of Christ and commitment to his service is the fulfilment for God's plan for mankind.

I have finsihed my study guide for the first 2 chapters. I will post the other 11 over the coming days and weeks.

Hebrews 1 - RTF - PDF

Hebrews 2 - RTF - PDF

Saturday, November 20, 2004

At the Picture People

Well here I am at my first official post from my blackbery.I have sent in a few that were more for the fun of it, but this one is an actual onsite post.

We are getting our pics taken for our Christmas Cards. We are in overalls and they look like they are going to be very cute. Which we can not say about the ones of the 2 of them.

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Lee Strobel - Faith Under Fire

Lee Strobel former Teaching Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church and author of "The Case For Christ" - "The Case For Faith" and "The Case For a Creator" has a new show entiled "Faith Under Fire" which is a talking heads style opinion show that showcases issues close to the heart of people of all faiths and ideologies. It is being shown on Pax.

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Congress wants to make me a Criminal

In the new Intellectual Property Protection Act (IPPA) which will be voted in this week's Lame Duck session.

The provision of this bill that most affects all of us a law abiding citizens is the part of the bill that makes it illegal to fast forward through commericals.

I believe in freedom of association. I believe in freedom of choice in the privacy of ones home. I do not believe the government should involve itself in matters that go on in the privacy of my home that hurt no one but me. I also do not think the government shoudl be involved in corporate welfare.

This is corporate welfare. If advertisers feel they are not getting a bang for buck, then find new ad streams. As much as I am annoyed at Tivo for their new technology to prevent me from ad skipping this is the route advertisers need to use, not legislation. This is an assualt on freedom.

Senate May Ram Copyright Bill
Why the Intellectual Property Protection Act is lame and what you can do about it - Engadget -
Is ‘Fair Use’ in Peril?
Senate may Vote on Copyright Bill

Warning - Is TiVo the new Benedict Arnold?

Several news outlets have reported yestersay that TiVo is Addressing Ad Skipping by allowing advertisers to pay for them to block the right of us the viewer to skip their ad.
With the new Microsoft DVR coming out I think this is a very bad move for TiVo. I love my TV on my schedule. Part of my schedule however is being able to fast forard the ads.
I would plead with TiVo not to betray us!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Ron Paul - The Middle East Quagmire

The Middle East Quagmire

I need to add and say so much. There is so little time. I agree 97.5% with what Dr. Paul says here.

Town Hall Conservatives - A Conversation On Secession


I liked the 3D map. Regardless, I was toying with the idea of discussingthe left's silly secession talk in a more serious manner. (serious from ascenario Point of View)Why not let the "blue Archipelago" secede? Not in a warlike manner, but ina negotiated settlement.1. Open borders and immigration for tourism & work.2. They keep their Federal tax dollars and do with it what they will3. The USA receives payment for joint defense4. They can place tolls on trade through their ports5. They become financially responsible for all their social pathologies &troubled population6. They get the 9th circuit and their own constitution.Tens of millions of liberal votes immediately lopped off the country.Let them see how their ideas play out, and we do the same.It's the reimposition of "federalism" by other means. It would take about2-5 years for both sides to decide "reunification" was in both ourinterests.



I began arguing for support of West Coast secession about 9 years ago now. I personally feel that it would be the first step to a return to federalism on multiple levels. First, we need a practical method for stopping judicial abuse of the constitution. I believe secession, gives us that in a practical methodology to hold the courts accountable for their actions. Secondly, I believe that states should be responsible for almost all spending and taxation, and I think that secession talk would redirect spending to more local levels.

I have always seen two BIG problems however, citizenry and existing debt. Does a person lose their U.S. Citizenship immediately because they happen to live along the west coast, or is there a 3 year joint citizenship to allow for job search and relocation. As far as existing debt goes, is the remainder of the nation stuck with all existing debt, though some if not much was spent on pork barreled legislation for these states?

In addition to my 2 problems, there are also issues of tolls and tariffs on our ports (even if land ports) from their nation, and the issue of how a joint defense would work.

Just my thoughts,
Kevin J. Bowman


I can appreciate your frustration, but our country was through this beforesome time ago, called the civil war. Even though it is a political war,well, I firmly believe more of we conservatives need to be taking back thecountry from the liberals or before it slips out of our control, however youwant to percieve it at this point. I still think that we have control forthe most part, but caution is advised because of all these liberal rulingsthat are coming out of California.It is discouraging, and unfortunately I don't have much influence out inCalifornia; however, being active in IL GOP and Cook County GOP and my localward organization makes me feel better about fighting the good fight.

Gary Karlin
Chicago, IL


We don't have to have a civil war; secession can be voluntary.


The problem with citing the Civil War is that it was not a result of secession, but instead it was the result of preventing secession. It was also the end of the federal republic. I know I will anger some people saying this here, but I am going forward anyway. The Civil War is the birth of our current liberal state because it resulted in a transition from a federal republic to a national democracy.

Look at the Amendments passed in the wake of the Civil War (ended 1865)
14th Amendment (1866)– Eliminated property ownership as a responsibility of voters and based voting on age alone.
15th Amendment (1869) – Centralized citizenship from a state responsibility to a national responsibility.
16th Amendment (1909) – Centralized ability of national government to levy taxes on all sources of income.
17th Amendment (1912) – Election of senators transfer from State Legislator to general population
Within 50 years this country was no longer a republic of states, it was a national democracy.

Allowing secession gives us the framework, as lovers of social and economic liberty, to reverse the tide, by undoing the Spirit of nationalism that the mandatory statehood resulted in. A nation without a working framework for secession, has no possibility of holding the national government liable.

Do not get me wrong, I love this country, all 50 states of it, as it exists today. That does not mean I condone the methods and resulting consequences of those methods that were used to maintain the union. I believe a free republic, the way our founding fathers saw it, would persevere in the long run if we allowed states the ability to test the waters outside of a national framework.

Kevin Bowman

I will include more as the conversation continues.

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Skip The Theatre: & the 48-Hour DVD

Whether you know it yet or not the new holiday movie Noel which allows you to skip the theatre and buy the movie on it's release date from ushers in a tide that whispers , a ner era in movie distribution may be here. It is called Flexplay and it is the newest distribution of disposable CD's since the collapse of DIVX a few years ago.

I think this technology has only a little more hope than DIVX unless the manufacturer is able to capitalize on 2 potential usages of this technology. The movie night and the family trip.

MOVIE NIGHT: Movies are released like the Noel movie using Amazon or another online retailer for a price that cheaper than but competitve with 2 people going to a movie ($12-$15). The 2 considerstions is delivery must be exact. DVD must be delivered on opening day, not 1 before or 1 after! This allows me to save the money of a babysitter and still be ready to discuss the newest movie on Monday when I get back to work.

THE FAMILY TRIP: DVDs get ruined in my car. So on older movies, that have been released to DVD in other formats. I think a $3-$5 purchase of a DVD that is going to work for the life of trip, and then get thrown away with the McD's cups and crushed crayons when we get home is a well spent few dollars rather than ruining a $17 Disney movie. The drawback here is I need 72 hours so we get the whole weekend covered.

I wont be trading in my membership, but I will definitely be visiting Disney's EZ-D store before my next road trip.

Now about that 72 Hours...

Monday, November 15, 2004

Tickets Pleasse - The Polar Express Is Phenomnal

WOW is all I can say about The Polar Express the new movie by Robert Zemekis starring Tom Hanks as like 6 characters. It was FABULOS! I LOVED It. Definitely a 10. Cute retelling of the story, amazing animation, and a perfect dose of that warm holiday hot choclate feeling!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

November 11, 1992

On this date 12 years ago, in a lunchroom at Belleville East High School, I decided to discontinue my usage of speed and diet pills. 12 years it has been now. WOW!!!!

On a completely unrelated note - Happy Birthday Nate!

Big Green Takes On The Little Screen

In a predatory move that the Big Green has become famous for, Microsoft has decided to team up with Comcast to take a venture intoset top box technology, against TiVo the reigning DVR champion .
Now I love a good fight and this is the Iwo Jima of DVR contests. Tivo has the fortified bunkers, the top of the mountain, and the garrisons of soldiers. Microsoft has the air and naval power, the strength of the Allies, and the will to neutralize any enemy.

Time will tell if the Big Green can overtake the Little Screen.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The 2004 County Electoral Map

Here is the Purple Map for the 2004 Presidential election. - I believe it gives the most true picture of America.

Here are 2 Red Blue Maps
Election result maps

He-Man (2006)

Found this link to an upcoming He-Man (2006) movie while looking for links for my previous post!

Sport Billy did exist!

Last week I was having a conversation about the great cartoons of our childhood. On the list was of course Smurfs, He-Man, and Ghostbusters. I however, also icluded Sport Billy. Everyone in the room stared at me blankly. "I loved Sport Billy...You know USA Cartoon Express?" Still the blankly stared. Well thanks to the internet and the Television From The Eighties: Cartoons archive. I found my proof!

Another Sport Billy Link-

Friday, November 05, 2004

Friday Evening Plans

We are taking Ella to her first movie theatre movie in about a year. Out last movie was Spirit - Stallion of the Cinmaroon which came after Jonah - A Veggie Tales Movie and so this will make her third movie in the theatre, and it is The Incredibles. We were watching Trailers and Exclusive Scenes last night on Yahoo Movies. Ella is VERY excited and we will let you all know how it turns out! A year ago I said we would not be back to th e theatre for a while. So we will see if anything has changed in a year!

On A side note: Yahoo Movies has the new Ocean's Tweleve trailer

Thursday, November 04, 2004

2008 Democratic Presidential Classified

MSNBC - Democrats at crossroads after Kerry loss: "?Wanted: Articulate, vigorous and optimistic Democrat with impeccable national security/ anti-terrorism credentials. Also must possess a demonstrated capacity to win votes in Southern and border states. Any resemblance to Franklin Roosevelt would be highly advantageous.?"

Guess they are going to practice party nepotsim and choose Hillary, rather than a canidate that meets the qualifications of their Classified.

Do Moral issues drive voters?

I wonder what the consensus opinion will be in 2008 when Hillary wins the Oval office? I think people chose morallity, because the amoral representative in this election had no charisma to charm them. Unfortunately, the same will not be true in 2008 when it is Hillary versus Rudy.

WorldNetDaily: Moral issues drove voters

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

No Price For MediaShout

My Brother, recommended MediaShout: Worship and Event Presentation Software instead of Presentation Manager. Although I would agree it looks like a better program, with the abilty to use SWF files and play Audio and Video files both. My problem is if you don't want a price on your website, what does that say to me? VERY EXPENSIVE... I am just poor fellow who has to spend my own money...

California's - Stem cell research funding

USA TODAY. reports that Californians approve stem cell research funding by issuing a $3 Billion stem cell research bond.

Despite the fact that stem cell research is morally wrong and as Jill Stanek points out is a modern form of cannibalsim that is not the issue that most confounds me about this. I understand the American worship of narcism, that feeds this ideology that accepts human embryonic stem cell research.

What most confounds me is why we want the government, who will not get the profits from the victories, to fund it. California has approved corporate welfare for Merk, Baxter, and the rest of the pharmacutical companies.

When these pharmacuetical companies do get somewhere with this research we will only hear more about the rising cost of health care, and the need for a centralized health care system to pay for the exborant cost of costly medical procedure.

Make no mistake, this research will be on our backs both ways!

Argyle Me This Batman

So I was looking for a less common look, while I work on my long term look for the Blog. So here it is The Argyle design from somewhere out on the web. I dig it!

Bedtime 3:00ish

So last night it was about 3:30AM when Ella came in to climb up into our bed. I was watching NBC news who at that time still had Bush at 269 though both Ohio and New Mexico seemed to be his. I am assuming I had been asleep for 20-30 minutes because even though nothin g had changed, I could not remember the last few minutes. So I turned off the TV and finally went to bed.

Election night is so stressfull for me.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bush - Keyes - Hyde

Well, I have done my part to fight the tide of liberalism. In my three federal races, I only voted for 1 RINO. Sorry Prez, but you are a tax and spend liberal as bad as any Dem who has sat in that chair.

In the whole scheme of things, I'd rather have a tax and spend liberal than a self-deprecating, America hating, international whore mongering communist. So the Prez got my ticket!

Presentation Manager - $275 of Kewlness

I want to get this Presentation Manager software. It allows you to overlay live or prerecorded video with worship or scripture. Now that is way Kewl!