Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Skip The Theatre: Amazon.com & the 48-Hour DVD

Whether you know it yet or not the new holiday movie Noel which allows you to skip the theatre and buy the movie on it's release date from Amazon.com ushers in a tide that whispers , a ner era in movie distribution may be here. It is called Flexplay and it is the newest distribution of disposable CD's since the collapse of DIVX a few years ago.

I think this technology has only a little more hope than DIVX unless the manufacturer is able to capitalize on 2 potential usages of this technology. The movie night and the family trip.

MOVIE NIGHT: Movies are released like the Noel movie using Amazon or another online retailer for a price that cheaper than but competitve with 2 people going to a movie ($12-$15). The 2 considerstions is delivery must be exact. DVD must be delivered on opening day, not 1 before or 1 after! This allows me to save the money of a babysitter and still be ready to discuss the newest movie on Monday when I get back to work.

THE FAMILY TRIP: DVDs get ruined in my car. So on older movies, that have been released to DVD in other formats. I think a $3-$5 purchase of a DVD that is going to work for the life of trip, and then get thrown away with the McD's cups and crushed crayons when we get home is a well spent few dollars rather than ruining a $17 Disney movie. The drawback here is I need 72 hours so we get the whole weekend covered.

I wont be trading in my Blockbuster.com membership, but I will definitely be visiting Disney's EZ-D store before my next road trip.

Now about that 72 Hours...

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