Friday, November 19, 2004

Congress wants to make me a Criminal

In the new Intellectual Property Protection Act (IPPA) which will be voted in this week's Lame Duck session.

The provision of this bill that most affects all of us a law abiding citizens is the part of the bill that makes it illegal to fast forward through commericals.

I believe in freedom of association. I believe in freedom of choice in the privacy of ones home. I do not believe the government should involve itself in matters that go on in the privacy of my home that hurt no one but me. I also do not think the government shoudl be involved in corporate welfare.

This is corporate welfare. If advertisers feel they are not getting a bang for buck, then find new ad streams. As much as I am annoyed at Tivo for their new technology to prevent me from ad skipping this is the route advertisers need to use, not legislation. This is an assualt on freedom.

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