Wednesday, November 03, 2004

California's - Stem cell research funding

USA TODAY. reports that Californians approve stem cell research funding by issuing a $3 Billion stem cell research bond.

Despite the fact that stem cell research is morally wrong and as Jill Stanek points out is a modern form of cannibalsim that is not the issue that most confounds me about this. I understand the American worship of narcism, that feeds this ideology that accepts human embryonic stem cell research.

What most confounds me is why we want the government, who will not get the profits from the victories, to fund it. California has approved corporate welfare for Merk, Baxter, and the rest of the pharmacutical companies.

When these pharmacuetical companies do get somewhere with this research we will only hear more about the rising cost of health care, and the need for a centralized health care system to pay for the exborant cost of costly medical procedure.

Make no mistake, this research will be on our backs both ways!

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