Tuesday, November 23, 2004

In Service of the Savior

Starting next week in our Bible Study at Work we are going to be studying the book of Hebrews. We have just finished a 1.5 year study of Genesis through 2 Kings, and so I decided it would be the most appropriate time to look at my favorite book by Barnabas. I see Hebrews as one of the first "great theological works" of the church. The imagery and connection of the mosaic levitical traditions to the sacrifice of Christ is a basic primer for most understanding of the necessity and responsibilty to cherish the O.T. We need the Old Covenant as the schoolmaster to the New Covenant. Hebrews teaches us how our deep love of Christ and commitment to his service is the fulfilment for God's plan for mankind.

I have finsihed my study guide for the first 2 chapters. I will post the other 11 over the coming days and weeks.

Hebrews 1 - RTF - PDF

Hebrews 2 - RTF - PDF

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