Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Bluetooh Woes for Kevin, that is the song I am singing as I sit here attempting to configure the Bluetooth on this laptop with absolutely 0 help from the evil people at Toshiba. I have googled and manually searched their site in every way imaginable, and I can not find useful intructions for configuring Bluetooth on it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The Sick Files - Specimen 2

Our new specimen is currently in hours 49-72 in our observation period. She has great back pain, is throwing up, and generally just VERY VERY ILL. The specimen shows only slight signs of improvement so far. However her able medical staff has prescribed drugs and we expect the specimen to begin improvement any time now.

In Other News

Ella and I had dinner at Camilles Cafe in Geneva Commons and had their Wonderful Creamy Tomato soup. I met the owners and they were very nice people. We took some of the soup home to Christi, who threw it back up ( a sign she has not improved much in three days. So at this point I am assuming I will be ringing in the new year with myself and channel 9.

My plans for this evening are to finally write the family Christmas letter and I am also intending to do a post tonight on Deut 29 and 30. I do not know if I will get to it. If not expect to see it in a few days.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Wife: Sick in Bed With Flu
Daughter: In Bed for Evening
Kevin: Watching a special on the "science of Joseph"

I have played single dad tonight since Christi is in bed with the flu. She got it at my parents from my brother. She threw up last night on our way home from my parents, she has been in bed ALL Day, the Robinsons were able to keep Ella today and our youth minister's wife is going to keep her tommorow. I hope Chris is feeling better by Wednesday, as I do not yet have a person for the watching on Wednesday.

Anyway, please pray for us that Christi will get to feeling better, and that the new baby will be safe while she is sick.
Here is my review of "Something's Gotta Give" on Yahoo MoviesJack, Diane, & A Fairly Cute Movie
Here is a link to my review of LOTR on Yahoo Movies - The King is on His Throne
I have my new TOSHIBA Protoge M200 today. It is awesome. I am instaling all my plethora of things over to it. I am SOOOOOOOO excited.
My good friends The Billingtons have added a new family member. His name is Mark Daniel and he was born on December 23, 2003 If you are friends with the Billingtons check out these great pics.

Friday, December 26, 2003

I am sitting at my parents house, watching Fellowship of the Rings. I would prefer to be dictating this instead of typing it, but alas, I don't think everyone would want to hear me, so I am typing. We had a wonderful Christmas holiday. It was a blessing to be with both families. Ella got some great toys. I got some good books. It was wonderful. I have not yet met up with the Jinkerson's or Bobby yet, but I will still intend to do that before we go.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

We are leaving for our Christmas journey today. It has been SOOOOOO busy and so stressfull these last few days. Last night I took Ella shopping for bags, put all the gifts in bag, packed the truck, packed, and cleaned up the house so we could go. This morning I cam into work early to download some things for Ella to color on the trip. Here is a link to the site I got alot of them off of. Click here for free COLORING PAGES I thought it was a good long list of coloring pages.

Friday, December 19, 2003

This could be the coolest entry I have ever made into my blog. I am ting on a job site in Bolingbrook out in the middle of nowhere basically. I am using a wireless modem provided by Verizon for me to test for our usage and I am dictating it using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I had the office e-mail me a PDF file it was received in less than a minute with all of the information that might need to be sent in printed in the field. Isn't technology the coolest thing.
I believe that with proper pricing and proper marketing every home in America will want an iRData Wirelessnet - Mobile Network in a Box. This small box is perhaps the most powerful accessory any home would ever need. It has a web-server, a wireless web connection, an intranet server, a ftp server, and I also belive an email server. (I am not sure about that one.) If you added in a firewall, this would be the ULTIMATE home enthusiast product. Kudos to iRData on this one.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Rex Lex - The King is Law - Monarchy

Lex Rex - Law is King - Republic

Populus Rex-The People is King - Democarcy a.k.a. Mob Rub

In the summer of 1776 the forefathers of our fine nation sat down and drafted a document that would forever separate us from the monarchist rule of England. In place of England's monarchy our forefathers established a constitutional Republic based on the rule of law as king. This rule of law in recent Time has been subverted by those would like to pass off our nation as a democracy: where they seek to further their own agenda by the power of mob rule, and can do so without the stress of procedures rules and laws. The most obvious flaw in democracy is that it is a detestable subversion to God's role and ordinance for government. Those who find themselves seduced by the allure of democracy in government often find themselves in rebellion to God's own laws which are unwavering in response to the opinion of the world. It is our responsibility to be lovers of God's word endive flaw. It is our responsibility to attempt to follow it to not alter it but to be altered by it. Let us never forget that the church is not a democracy, it is a Theocratic Republic.

Adobe Reader 6.0.1 is out and it addresses and fixes 48 issues. If you love PDF you need to rush on over and download the newest PDF update.

Get Adobe Reader
Well, the baby is better and she and I went shopping together last night. We wait to several stores to look for Christmas presents while Christi laid on the couch and rested. She was feeling very sick from the baby. Ella and I went and looked at puppies in pet land. This was not a gift for anybody, she just wanted to see the puppies bunnies and fishes. I prefer to see the puppies bunnies and fishes in the store and not in our house.
We ate supper at noodles and company Christi had the pasta Fresca. I had the Japanese pan noodles with rice noodles rather than pan noodles. Ella had the Wisconsin mac and cheese. Which she ordered herself from the lady at the register. Ella was quite disappointed when her mommy was not at the restaurant, she did not understand we were taking the food home.

All in all our visit to Abercrombie and Fitch to get Randall's Christmas present (just kidding) was a great success and much fun was had by myself and the Boo.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Humility, I don't know if I will ever live long enough to master this quality. Pride is so easy for me. I called this company today pitching a fit over the fact that they had not sent me an RMA box as promised. After they look my details up in their computer they informed me they had in fact sent the shipment the same day it was requested. I insisted they were wrong, delivery would not take two weeks. In the end it turned out that I was prideful, they had shipped that same day, and my shipping department had not delivered to my office. A little humility would have sure gone a long way.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Peter Coffee is one of 2 names in Computer journalism that should be household names. His look at the abandonment of Windows 98 by MS, Good Riddance, Win 98, is both insightful and relatively simple to understand to the tech outsider. If you are one of those people who is crying about the death of Win 98 (a horrible troll of a product at best) then read his explanation of the methods and reasons for the Microsoft euthanization.
I found a new ruggedized Tablet PC. iIt is thePanasonic CF-18 and has a lot of cool features for useage in the field. It also has a Vehicle Docking Station that would be a great assett to us. I would love to get my hands on one, and see what kind of abuse it can take.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Here is the link from Web MD all about Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease I hope you find it as intresting as I did. Summary it is pretty much a bummer to get! It takes 10 days after symptoms subside for the child to become non-contagious.
I updated the Header to reflect both sites. So now my vistors from The Bowman Family Web or from Dr. Kaos Web can easily navigate and return to their respective refering sites.

God is A Liar!

And 3 Other Lies By Satan

Part 2

So then, how are we left to respond? Are we left defenseless and abandoned with no battle plan to combat these three attacks? The answer is no, and the solution we are left with could easily be considered the centerpiece teaching of Romans that the entire book rest upon. This battle plan is found in Romans 12. It is here Paul lays out for his readers both the antithesis of each of these Satanic Lies and the reason with must protect ourselves from submission to them.

Lust of the Flesh - Romans 12:1 begins our defense plan when we are told to "present your bodies as a living sacrifice." This idea of becoming a living sacrifice is a commitment against the ideas of self gratification that Satan wants us to pursue. When we view our lives as a sacrifice to God any hint of narcisim is immediately erased. We become immediately concerned with seeing the people around us through the eyes of God. When we are living sacrifice; making each decision under the idea that "it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me " becomes natural to us. The self indulgent plagues which we have allowed to torment us become the advesaries of our past as we are made perfect through each Christ offered decision.

Lust of the Eyes - Romans 12:2 Our fallen nature has trained our eyes to see beauty the way the world defines beautiful, yet the promise of this verse is that we can"be transformed by the renewing of your minds." We can learn to understand and view the world through a new set of eyes. We can learn to renew our vision to the pure beauty of God's creation. We can seek the discipline of our eyes that allows us to understand that it is the character of person that defines beauty. Our transformed mind allows us the freedom to pursue an infinitely more rich relationship with Christ because we are liberated to find our own beauty within our role as the Bride of Christ.

Pride of Life - Romans 12:3 The greatest bondage of my life, and I belive the lives of most American Christians, has been the bondage to Pride. The American idea of "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps" has been a distraction from God's idea for his people. Paul lays his rebutal to this lie out in such a way that it seems to be unimaginably simple, he says "do not think of yourself more highly than you ought to think. Our own will however makes accomplishing this task into a labyrinth. We run into dead end after dead end as we attempt to eliminate pride by own strength. We are junkies, living lives looking for our next self-centered fix: as junkies, it is impossible for us to break the addiction as long as we believe that we can think ourselves into humility. Paul instead sets the stage for us by explaining that our value is found "each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned." When we can understand the value of our lives in the God ordained balances of faith we will be on the path to the form of humility that Christ's church needs from us.

"These three remain - faith, hope, and love - and the greatest of these is love." God's design and desire for his people is to focus not on the wants of them selves but on the needs of others. Paul explains this concept when he says that "individually we are members one of another." Paul's one body concept explains the kind of love that needs to replace these Satanic deceptions in our lives. We need to focus on the needs of our Christian community rather than desires of our flesh, eyes, and pride. We need to be concerned with accomplishments of faith, the consciousness of hope, the environment of love. We need to create a culture that has a discernment against our attraction to the desires of the inner nature. The crossroads presented by Romans 12 are best summarized when Paul tells us to "Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good." We can not dwell in lives of self indulgence, aquistion, and pride without comprimsing this command to let love be genuine.

5:15 AM comes early. That was the time I had my alarm set for. I got up at 5:15 so I could leave by 5:30 so I could be to work by 6:00 so I could be in Doris who comes in about 6:15. With my unexpected departure on Friday, she had no ability to work. Her user profile was no longer existent on the network. So I got everything put back together on her computer and now here I am at 6:30 AM half awake and working. This is a scary day. On the upside, our Christmas party is tonight. .Dave and Busters here I come. They say we have a Great party room this year. I'll let you know what I think

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Day 3 Update 2: In an unexpected turn of events the specimen has begun to do things not seen before during these observation proceedings. Subject 1 (as we affectionately refer to her) is playing ,talking ,bouncing and being obstinate. These tasks were all mentioned as part of her participant profile, but were not previously manifested in the observation period. There had been some small unenergetic moments of obstinance prior to the specimen's recovery. At this time we feel the case-study should be concluded tomorow with a full recovery.

Translation: The baby is bettter and I get to goto my Christmas party.
This is a post for my fellow Chicagoans. I found this Website forChristian Youth Theater Chicago. They have a presence in Cook, Lake, Kane, and McHenry county. They seem to do quite a few shows a year. If you like theatre and want to support community shows that also build the spirit, check out their shows.
Day Three - The subject seems to be feeling a little better. Yet, we are still enclosed in the petri dish. Observsation shall continue, and perhaps someday we may agin be able to leave the isolation and return to society at large.

Just kidding, but that is about how I feel at this point. Ella does seem to be getting better, in so much that we had a decent nights sleep. It was no worse than any other time she is in bed with us. Currently she is drugged and watching videos. Her blisters do not look any better yet. I am still hoping this breaks today.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

I downloaded a new copy of IrfanView to help with the batch conversion of images. It is a great free viewer and I have used it for about 3 years now. It does not have all the advanced functionality of a nice Graphics programs, but it does 2 things better than any other program I have used and that is make slideshows and batch rename/resize. That is where it outshines even Adobe Photoshop.
We have a friend who is pregnant. She is currently at 8 weeks but her OB doctor said her levels are only reading at about 3 weeks. After our first visit to the ER during our miscarriage in February, I did some research into these charts and how to read them since the ER odctors would tell us nothing. I wanted to find the numbers again to try and help our friend understand what is going on. This link is an hCG Blood Level sheet from the INCIID - or International Council on Infertility Dissemination As the ER doctors told us during our miscarriage, the numbers are not as important as the direction of the numbers, but what the chart does seem to demonstrate after one test, is the direction is down. We are praying for our friend that is not the case. We know first hand the saddness of a miscarriage.
Well, it was a long night. It was really very stressful, especially giving Ella the medicine. She did not want any part of that whatsoever. Actually, once we got the medicing into her, the night semmed to go much more smoothly. We had to coat her mouth with this Benadryl/Malox solution that seemed to hep alot. After the coating this morning with the solution she ate for the first time in a day and a half. Eggs! Three eggs! Seems crazy doesn't it.

Friday, December 12, 2003

My plans for today were to fix one users computer by rebuilding her entire profile, write part 2 of my "God is a Liar..." post at lunch, and get the guys in estimating a piece of software they wanted. Instead I spent a good portion of the day, at the docors with Ella in the worst pain I have ever seen her in. The doctor has diagnosed her with hand, foot and mouth syndrome. Although the name is similar to hoof and mouth, they are not related. This is a virus that gets it's name from the bilsters that appear on the hands, feet and mouth. We were told by "Barry" that is the doctor, that it will last from 3 to 14 days and she he will be in serious discomfort the entire time. Please pray that the Lord will grany a quick healing.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

God is A Liar!

And 3 Other Lies By Satan

Part 1

Satan's first lie to Eve began an eternal game of "he said, she said" between heaven and hell. Satan calls out God, as a liar by telling Eve, "You will not surley die." Each day, in each tempataion since that first encounter in the garden of eden Satan's deception has been the same; to tell mankind that God is a liar.
I was reminded by our minister Chuck last night in Bible class of the three simple techniques Satan uses to pass this deception onto mankind. These are laied out explictily by the Apostle John in 1 John 2:15-17. Here he teaches us that the only three tools Satan has to to appeal to our inner nature and defend his thesis that God is a liar are the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. We can see this personally when we understand the means Satan uses to pawn off these falsehoods on our minds.

1. The Lust of the Flesh - Adultrey, Gluttony, Sloth - "If it feels good do it even if you shouldn't." This is the mantra of the narcism Satan wants all mankind to dwell in. Satan knows that when we focus our time on seeking what feels good to us, we will have no time to focus on seeking a relationship with God. Our flesh resist the spirit. Satan wants men to pursue "pleasure without conscience. The greatest manifestation of this lie has been the infusion of the idea into the American evangelical churches that "worship without sacrifice" exists. As the old cliche' goes, "Grace is Free, but it is not cheap." Our pursuit for relevance to a society of vanity has allowed the church to become weakend by her acceptance of a cheap grace that teaches the same self-exaltaion that robs our relevance and weakens Christian's into proseltites of humanism.

2. The Lust of the Eyes- Envy, Covetousness, Greed - "he who dies with the most toys, wins!" We are a society of collectors. Our desire for aquistion of the beautiful is the basis of capitalism. In the middle twentith century a phrase developed "Keeping up with the Jones." That idea has been replaced in these infancy years of the twenty first century. Instead we seek to make more, collect more, and own more than the Jones'. Our quest for neighborly equality has been superceded by a race for neighborhood supremacy. The lust of the eyes is our need to own the things that those around us deem as beautiful and valuable.

3. The Pride of Life - Haughtyness, Anger, Divisiness, Pride - "If I could be like Mike..." Each of us thinks of ourselves as the greatest. We think our ideas, priorities, and passions are more important than the ideas, priorities and passions of those around us. It is this lie that that divides us. We dig foxholes and form entrenchments to protect our illusion of our own importance. We value only ourselves, and become unimagineably disenfranchised, genuinely hurt and ultimately even angry with the people around because they do not share our self-centered vision. We seek the rewards of fiscal sucess, the accolades of the public, and degrees of academia to demonstrate our value over the people around us. Pride is a devourer because it must be worked at: pride destroys our ability to experience contentment because we must continually strive for greater accomplishments. The pride of life seeks to fulfill our need to silence the doubts we all face when we look in the mirror at ourselves.

" These three remain knowledge, power, and beauty, and the greatest of these is beauty" This is the centerpoint teaching of Satan's religion of humanism. Our inner nature leads us as a people to long for the achievement of these three attributes because they touch us on each level of Satan's deceptive tricks. The search for ultimate knowledge, is the ultimate indulgence of pride. The pursuit of absolute power, is the absolute prize to our flesh. The hope of irresitable beauty is the irrestiable allure of what appeals to the eye. Knowledge, power and beauty are so seductive to the fallen nature of man that we are explictly warned against all three in the Bible.

These are totaly awesome. Binocular Powered Digital Camera Their claim is that they can take a photo from almost a mile away. This is what Kevin want's for Christmas. This defintiely gets Kevin, cool gadget of the year. They have a VGA and XGA version both. All I can say is WAY check it out!!!
Saddness, is the only word I can use to describe the return of the Verizon guy. He did not have his laptop and so I could not try out the "legendary" speed of their wireless network. I can only hope he comes through tommorow w/ my 2 week trial modem. More later on that!
I am meeting w/ a rep from Verizon right now. He has gone out to his car to get their wireless modem. I am wanting to sync into the Terminal Server and see if it is a reasonable connection speed. He says it burst a 144K and fuctions at 70K regularly. That would be a great additon to our company data direction. He was also telling me that they have launched a 1.4M network in Seattle and Washington, and the rest of the country is trailing behind there. I will post again later today, after I have used his connection to let you know what I think. I would LOVE a 1.4 connection anywhere.
I have added a new clock with a link back to the main or pages. I hope this helps people navigate between my two sites a little better.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I have completed the sidebar on my Blog. Yes, this is where my lunch today. I did sneek out and get some food before I started working on it. For those of you who know my brother, and have seen his new Blog. Yes, I did rip off the idea for a sidebar from him. Oh Well...
My Brother has started his Blog. He calls it the Random Ramblings of Randy and it should be a great Blog to check out! He has a lot of great ideas, and also tries to look at the world from a libertarian perspective. Check his page out.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I passionately dream of the day when we will have one computer. One wireless connection that spans the country, where we simply log on just wherever we go all over the place. We have connection to the Internet. Our e-mail at our finger tips, at our fingertips, at our fingertips. All the beauty of wonder of research while sitting in a park with our children watching them slide watching them swinging, and me just surfing away on the Internet. What a beautiful day that will be. Although I don't believe that day is anytime nearly here. I have found a product that will help us at least feel a little more that way. It is this product from Horizon Wireless, it's their 1 Mile Wirelss LAN card a product that when paired with their wireless access point promises distances up to mile away from home. I can truly be surfing away on my home Internet connection while my daughter and I are at any ony of 4 park I can count. What a product and affordable to the claim. Only $99 for the wireless access card, No price yet on the wireless access point, but if it's reasonable my day may be truly sonner than my first imagined, well sorta at least.
Sun is challenging Microsoft on a new front: the consumer market. I have long been a proponent of MS in the debtae between the MS v. Sun lawsuit. I believe that the only for a company to truly compete with another company is in the open market. Sun's new Java Desktop is just that. Now I do not believe for a second, that Sun stands any real chance of making great inroads to the desktop with this product. I do however say "Kudos, to you Sun for competeing in the fair market, not the legal arena." Now if only the SCO could take a lesson!
I'm trying to find the correct headset to use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It seems from what I'm reading on the Internet and my own observations so far that three attributes are important.

1. Use a USB microphone. A USB microphone will allow for the microphone to be moved from one computer to another most simply and accurately. The actual sound is interpreted inside the microphone not inside the computer, This allows a transition to occur more smoothly because it is not affected by the different humming and whizzzing of differing computer cases. A USB Mic allows you to simply export your user file and move with no retraining necessary..

2. Use a Mute Button Microphone. I find that I want a mute button on the headset, so that I can shut off the microphone without actually having to put it to sleep. Therefore it stops and restarts collecting sound with an easy push of a button. This feature would be most useful to my guys in a field setting where they will need to switch constantly and quickly between the people around them and their computer.

3. Use a headset without headphones. I think that it goes without saying that it would be helpful to not have earphones. It seems clear that the earphones would get in the way of hearing the sound around me. Since there is nothing I need to hear back from my computer while using Dragon. I see no need for the earphones.

The best lead I found so far is the Telex USB H-831, which is what I'm currently using, it features the USB feature and the lack of headphone feature: however, it does not have the mute button so one is forced to use the "go to sleep" command and the "wakeup" command. I have also found the Logitech Premium USB Headset 300. This product from Logitech, which seems be a good choice except for the fact that it has the headphones, which will cut me off from the world around me while using it, seems to be a workable choice as well. I do not know yet, which one I will decide on ultimately.

Boys and Girls, do you know what time it is. It is time for a Kevin Political Tyrate. This cartoon was sennt to me by my brother. I apologize I can not credit it properly. I believe the author hits the nail on the head as to the vision our Big Government loving congressmen have. We must do our part to stop this injustice to the American people. We must do our part in the next election to vote for people who will have you are interest at heart and not the interest of their corporate sandbagging donor lists. We must vote for people who will do the right thing to stop the big government attack on the American taxpayers. Please, in the next election find a candidate, who will give you the kind of support you need as a voice in a government for the people. We really mean and women who will support your right of religious freedom, and your right to keep what is yours and not have it redistributed at their command

Monday, December 08, 2003

I need to thank my good friend Wes Hanson, for sending me this fabulous link on the history of The Twelve Days of Christmas. The article talks about how the actual history and heritage of the song is not completely known or decided between historians. I personally am from the camp of people who think that it does date back to the English Irish wars of the 16th century. But whichever way is a great catechism, whether it's old or new for teaching many of the basic tenets of Christianity. I hope that you all enjoy reading the history and the great meaning of this wonderful song.

I dictated this entire post for you hope you like it Dragon NaturallySpeaking rocks.
We arrived home safely last night. It was a great show at Mid-County yesterday. We did Slimy Sticky Sin and Fired Up On God. We got some great footage for our promo video. I am hoping to work on the video with Chuck one evening this week. That would be such a blessing to the ministry. I am currently installing the Version 7.2 update to Dragon Naturally Speaking. It seems to be pretty good actuslly. If it works as well as I dream it should, I would reccomend it to everyone. I belive we will one day not type into our computers. I will post an update this afternoon, using the program.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Today we went and saw the show Happy Holidays with my friend Bobby. He is John Paul Grosser, now. It was a good learning experince for Ella. We tried to teach her basic theatre etiquitte. Not easy with a high energy 2 year old.

Friday, December 05, 2003

I love the "Photo Printing Wizard" in Windows XP - 30 Seconds I printed 8 pictures at 4X6 on 3 sheets of paper. Man you gotta love that 30 Seconds!!! I hate the new search in Windows XP. I think that the dictation program is awful and useless. That Photo Print Wizard though is a Perfect 10!!!!

OK... I found this at Adbusters (watch out they use bad language) and I thought it was one of the best social commentaries I had ever seen. This is the result of BIG GOVERNMENT. If you like me, want to make sure our national flag never looks like this please get out and vote. Please make a statement that says, "WE DON'T WANT BIG GOVERNMENT" Today we have government "For The People by the Corporate Intrest Groups". Please we need to put a stop to this. The Libertarian Partie has answers that make sense, and will work. The only way to return this country to it's Godly heritage is to give people back their Creator endowed rights.
I have a cool website that I got SPAM about this afternoon. I know, I know, I should boycott on the grounds that they spammed me, but I just can't. I mean, when you have a COOL product that you want, you want...even if you found out about it by evil methods. The website is Harley Davidson Worldwide Shirts List and it is way Kewl. The design from Rome Italy is my favorite. It is a Roman soldier in the Collisieum and his chariot is being pulled by an Iron Horse. Now that is Kudos, to the designer. Go them.
It is lunch time, and I can't seems to decide what to place on the menu today. The ladies at work invited me to goto Buonna Beef with them, and then they all left with out me. I am actually kind of thinking about going there, just because I think it sounds really, really good. ANyway I am so excited to see my girls tongiht after work. I am driving down to St. Louis. I will also see Bobby Grosser tommorw fior the first time in 10 years or so. He is a great friend I am excited in reconnecting with.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I am hoping someone besides me finds this ironic. I am on the webpage for ScanSoft - OmniForm because I want to possibly redesign one of our Excel spreadsheets inside inside their Omniform software. Then our Superintendents could use the form and the voice recognition software (also by Scan Soft Naturally Speaking ) to enter the forms in the field without typing or writing. Seems perfect correct. All togther we would need like 6 copies of each program. Grand total like $5000. Now this would seem like they would want to talk to me ASAP.
Now here is the key irony. Becuase of the size of my potential order, I need to speak with a person in inside sales rather the 24hour email response. Imagine that. Spend $100 get you answers NOW, spend $5000 and it's business hours only please. Strange isn't it!
OK, here comes tyrate 179,212 for my life. Dell came in today to update my firmware because of a RAID problem. Mind you I tried to tell them this problem a year ago. Well they screwed up all my shares. My goodness, how hard is it to write an update that will mind it's own business and do what it should do with out screwing up anything else. My negative comments toward Dell are few and far between. But as for me and my office, I will give them a 2 for this fine effort.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I had luch at Portillos with Justin, Mark, Steve, Dave, Bob, Dan and a guy from Allied Drywall. I ate 1 Italian Sausage, 1 Large Fry, and 1/2 Chopped Salad. I guess I will need to juice this afternoon to make up for my lunch. In his book, Dr. Robbins says we must do 2 things to improve our health and well being.
1. Intake more Raw Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, and Grains
2. Intake fewer Toxins from processed foods.
I figure if I can accomplish 1 of these acts then I am doing much better than I was doing before, so I have not been overly dilligent in my task to eliminate Toxin ridden foods. I have however cut out Caffeine, so that is at least a start right. Anyway... Gotta Go!
I have finished the conversion to this exciting new medium of - If you would like to visit the old Blog entries they can all be found at Kevin's Old BLOG I don't know if you need the link or not, but there it is. Once again, if any of you family members would like a blog I can get you all set up easily as well. - Hope you like it!!!
I found a new Headset for a noise canceling Cell phone headset from Shure. I have always been impressed with Shure and am quite excited about their entrance to the cell phone Mic world. The QuietSpot QSH-3 Headset for Mobile Phones is the name of the Mic and you can follow the link to learn more about it. It is $49.99 which is a good price if it turns out to be a good headset. I have ordered one so I will let you know as soon I use it what I think of it. We are working on trying to use dictation more effectively around our office. I hope this is the mic that will be the secret to that job.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

This is so much better than the old way. This is mondo cool. Anyway, I was just going to recap on how TIRED I am after 2 days with out caffeine. Hopefully though in a few days me and my juice will have remedy my tiredness. Speaking of which I could get into another tyrate into juicing. I do have a website for you. It is Living and Raw Foods: Recipe - Sparkling Memory and it is a delicious recipie for Juice. As many of you from the family know. I am bringing my Juicer and Press with me for Christmas and we are going to make some life changing juices together. I hope you all are as excited as I am about that.
HEARTLIGHT Magazine: Daily Devotionals, Articles, Art, Music and More for Christians This is just a sample of the new power I am going to instantly get using the Google Tool Bar and This totally rocks. I am so glad about this move. Also family members if you would like me to set you up a Blog that you can update as easily as a pish of a button and typing your message let me know and I will. One button and a message to the world. This is a great tool.
Well, I feel I should explain myself here. I am changing my Blog page because I believe it will be easier for me to make entries using real Blog software rather than frontpage acting as a blog. I hope you like the slcik new layout. I will still post pics and movies when I get the chance. Since that is really what you all want anyway. I will post a link to everything pre-December 2003 a little later.
This is a second post that is still for the purpose of testing. I would like to place the Blog in a frame.
This is a test of my new Blog using I do not know if I will go with this or not.