Thursday, December 18, 2003

Well, the baby is better and she and I went shopping together last night. We wait to several stores to look for Christmas presents while Christi laid on the couch and rested. She was feeling very sick from the baby. Ella and I went and looked at puppies in pet land. This was not a gift for anybody, she just wanted to see the puppies bunnies and fishes. I prefer to see the puppies bunnies and fishes in the store and not in our house.
We ate supper at noodles and company Christi had the pasta Fresca. I had the Japanese pan noodles with rice noodles rather than pan noodles. Ella had the Wisconsin mac and cheese. Which she ordered herself from the lady at the register. Ella was quite disappointed when her mommy was not at the restaurant, she did not understand we were taking the food home.

All in all our visit to Abercrombie and Fitch to get Randall's Christmas present (just kidding) was a great success and much fun was had by myself and the Boo.

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