Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I passionately dream of the day when we will have one computer. One wireless connection that spans the country, where we simply log on just wherever we go all over the place. We have connection to the Internet. Our e-mail at our finger tips, Dictionary.com at our fingertips, searchgodsword.com at our fingertips. All the beauty of wonder of research while sitting in a park with our children watching them slide watching them swinging, and me just surfing away on the Internet. What a beautiful day that will be. Although I don't believe that day is anytime nearly here. I have found a product that will help us at least feel a little more that way. It is this product from Horizon Wireless, it's their 1 Mile Wirelss LAN card a product that when paired with their wireless access point promises distances up to mile away from home. I can truly be surfing away on my home Internet connection while my daughter and I are at any ony of 4 park I can count. What a product and affordable to the claim. Only $99 for the wireless access card, No price yet on the wireless access point, but if it's reasonable my day may be truly sonner than my first imagined, well sorta at least.

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