Thursday, December 04, 2003

I am hoping someone besides me finds this ironic. I am on the webpage for ScanSoft - OmniForm because I want to possibly redesign one of our Excel spreadsheets inside inside their Omniform software. Then our Superintendents could use the form and the voice recognition software (also by Scan Soft Naturally Speaking ) to enter the forms in the field without typing or writing. Seems perfect correct. All togther we would need like 6 copies of each program. Grand total like $5000. Now this would seem like they would want to talk to me ASAP.
Now here is the key irony. Becuase of the size of my potential order, I need to speak with a person in inside sales rather the 24hour email response. Imagine that. Spend $100 get you answers NOW, spend $5000 and it's business hours only please. Strange isn't it!

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