Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I'm trying to find the correct headset to use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It seems from what I'm reading on the Internet and my own observations so far that three attributes are important.

1. Use a USB microphone. A USB microphone will allow for the microphone to be moved from one computer to another most simply and accurately. The actual sound is interpreted inside the microphone not inside the computer, This allows a transition to occur more smoothly because it is not affected by the different humming and whizzzing of differing computer cases. A USB Mic allows you to simply export your user file and move with no retraining necessary..

2. Use a Mute Button Microphone. I find that I want a mute button on the headset, so that I can shut off the microphone without actually having to put it to sleep. Therefore it stops and restarts collecting sound with an easy push of a button. This feature would be most useful to my guys in a field setting where they will need to switch constantly and quickly between the people around them and their computer.

3. Use a headset without headphones. I think that it goes without saying that it would be helpful to not have earphones. It seems clear that the earphones would get in the way of hearing the sound around me. Since there is nothing I need to hear back from my computer while using Dragon. I see no need for the earphones.

The best lead I found so far is the Telex USB H-831, which is what I'm currently using, it features the USB feature and the lack of headphone feature: however, it does not have the mute button so one is forced to use the "go to sleep" command and the "wakeup" command. I have also found the Logitech Premium USB Headset 300. This product from Logitech, which seems be a good choice except for the fact that it has the headphones, which will cut me off from the world around me while using it, seems to be a workable choice as well. I do not know yet, which one I will decide on ultimately.

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