Thursday, December 18, 2003

Rex Lex - The King is Law - Monarchy

Lex Rex - Law is King - Republic

Populus Rex-The People is King - Democarcy a.k.a. Mob Rub

In the summer of 1776 the forefathers of our fine nation sat down and drafted a document that would forever separate us from the monarchist rule of England. In place of England's monarchy our forefathers established a constitutional Republic based on the rule of law as king. This rule of law in recent Time has been subverted by those would like to pass off our nation as a democracy: where they seek to further their own agenda by the power of mob rule, and can do so without the stress of procedures rules and laws. The most obvious flaw in democracy is that it is a detestable subversion to God's role and ordinance for government. Those who find themselves seduced by the allure of democracy in government often find themselves in rebellion to God's own laws which are unwavering in response to the opinion of the world. It is our responsibility to be lovers of God's word endive flaw. It is our responsibility to attempt to follow it to not alter it but to be altered by it. Let us never forget that the church is not a democracy, it is a Theocratic Republic.

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