Tuesday, February 03, 2004

My Response On Gonvernment Powers

I was asked by a person, who had read my post and then called me, what I meant by the statement, “holding back the current of government power so that it operates inside the banks of responsibility and liberty” I think this is a very valid question, and I wanted to respond to it using the Constitution as my guide. The US federal government is established to serve only a handful of purposes. Any government activity that falls outside of these constitutionally ordained parameters would be an illegal and irresponsible use of government power.

Let’s look at the powers of state that are constitutionally authorized to the federal government.

A. Form a more perfect Union - The first role of the federal government is to promote peace between the individual states that have united under it’s authority.
B. Establish Justice – Develop and enforce a minimal system of laws that can provide for a standard to issues that arise against the nation and between the states
C. Insure Domestic Tranquility – Promote peace within the individual states by commissioning a National Guard or Militia
D. Provide For The Common Defense – Commission an Armed Forces to protect the border and population of the states.
E. Promote the General Welfare – Facilitate systems that promote the economic health of the business and population within the states.
F. Secure the Blessings of Liberty - Responsibility to scrutinize each decision before the government to what decision would best accomplish the previous 5 directives and protect the individual rights of each citizen.

At its minimum the government has the authority to establish a military, to maintain a court system, and to promote trade and dialog between the states. All other uses of government power should be treated as suspect at best and in many cases as criminal. The legislature exists only to consider bills designed to accomplish these goals. Any decision that falls outside of these five duties should be deferred to the governments at a more local level. A government that sits safely inside the banks of liberty is a government that finds the opportunities to be the minimalist servant of the people.

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