Saturday, February 28, 2004

"I Want To Be the Cowboy Dora"

Last night my daughter came and got in the bed us. A few hours later when she was deep asleep she began to yell out from a nightmare. I wondered,"What stress could be causing this turmoil?" Was she being taken from us? Was she falling? Was someone hurting my precious girl? Of course, how would she even know these fears? Then in the midst of my wondering and worries for my precious girl, it all came to light in words, "I Want To Be the Cowboy Dora" she yelled! "I Want To Be the Cowboy Dora" she yelled again over and over and over. "Let me wear the costume!" She cried out as well.
I switched from worry to wonder as I lay in my bed laughing at my daughters nightmare: the horror that she could not dress up as Cowboy Dora.

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