Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Partial Birth Abortion Ban Upheld

I know that many people feel I am not a "real" libertarian because I am firmly Pro-Life. In this I mean that I feel abortion is in 100% of all cases murder. I believe in time that mankind will one day look back on our abortion on demand lifestyle and find it as offensive and inhumane as the segregation of slavery that previously preyed upon a voiceless section of our society.

I am also a realist and feel that these changes, must come through a re-education of people. People must see the sanctity of human life, not from a "Religious" argument, but from a "humanist moral" argument, which is a perfectly convincing and scientifically valid argument. For this reason I respect and support the work of abort73 for being a leader in presenting these arguments. I am not for an overturn of Roe V Wade until people understand the moral and philosophical arguments that mandate we recognize the rights and personhood of unborn persons equally to those of born persons.

There is a great money making machine behind the abortion rights industry that thrives off the deception about and the ignorance toward the personhood of the unborn. It is with great celebration that everyone who values HUMAN LIFE in all it's forms should be filled as our Supreme Court has deemed that one particular form of this civil rights violation is beyond the acceptable behavior of a humane society.

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