Monday, April 16, 2007

HB1500 - Illinois are you listening

If you are from Illinois, especially northern Illinois and do not know what HB1500 is please educate yourself about what is about to happen to you and your private property rights.

I wanted to write a letter that addressed the philosophy behind my stance against the bill rather than just a statement of my opposition to the special procedures being made to allow AT&T a lesser degree of local regulation under the guise of being a "startup operator."

Honorable Representative,

I know that many power hungry politicians have decided that the property rights afforded by the fifth amendment of the US constitution and article 1 section 2 of the Illinois state constitution are erroneous and archaic remnants of a past era. I however feel this ideology is wrong. Freedom at it's core places decisions about a man's religion, life, and property as solely his own. Each law you pass that erodes this sacred tenant of a free society is a breach of the will of the people who entrusted you as lawmakers to remain caretakers of a free republic, rather than tyrants of self interest.

This session of congress is once again in consideration of legislation that if passed robs a man of his essential liberties. Using HB1500 to allow AT&T and other multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies to seize private land in the name of "competition" is reprehensible. I pray that you will keep the sacred trust endowed to you by the people of your district to represent us, and to protect our essential liberties. Please vote to BLOCK passage of this unnecessary assault on the freedom of your constituency.

Kevin J. Bowman
PLEASE, if you are a resident of Illinois visit the state board of elections to get contact information for your house and senate representatives. Please write them and let them know you are OPPOSED to HB1500.

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