Sunday, May 15, 2005

Danny Mercer - A candidate For Minister

Our church interviewed it's first minister candidate this weekend. He is a graduate student at ACU in the MDiv program and interim minister at the Minter Lane Church where Tony Ash was the minister for many years.

His name is Danny Mercer and I do believe it is a name you will hear again within our fellowships. He has great oratory skill and seems to have a properly aligned goals for his ministry. I do believe the church he chooses will be blessed to have him as a member of their leadership team.

That being said.... I do not believe he is right for this church. I think that this congregation and he will be a source of stress to each other. He is looking for a body ready to have an amazing impact on the world around them. He is looking for a church that is ready to reach the marginal and the overlooked of our culture. I have questions about whether CD is ready to walk this journey with him. I think that there is a need for a minister who could facilitate growth and help CD realize how to be a spiritually mature group; disciplined to operate as a single body in it's outreach. From my limited view after only a few months with this church, there is a need for a teacher who can prepare them for the momentum they will use over the next generation as a church.

Just my one opinion, from a small voice who is the new kid on the block and has no seat for an opinion yet. But since it's my blog, I'll post one :-)

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