Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Columbus Day Retreat 2004

We had 66 campers attend our Columbus Day retreat at Rockford Christian Camp this weekend. It was my first time as the director. It was a great weekend. We had our counseling staff provided by York College, and our Worship Leader was Chris Shields from Rochester College, in Michigan.

We had a prayer walk on Friday Night. Where each of the teens walked to seven stations and prayed, and spent time in the word individually. This event ended with our communion service. Our communion service, was not as "flowing" and powerful as I would have liked; I believe this was partly because of half of the counselors I was sent from York, sat in the back and talked like junior high kids. I was SO UPSET!!!!

I talked to MANY of the campers about the counselors from York. Overall it was a pretty disppointing choice. As I said, they talked through our communion service, they were all gathered in a group,on more than one occassion, not even at the location we had the campers, and the kids complained that they felt like the Yorkies did not want to interact with them. There were a few exceptions, but for the most part, the college students were just VERY distant and VERY uninvolved.

On Sunday night, we had a Temptation Walk, and the kids I talked to, all loved it and had a blast while doing it. The York students were definitely a great assest in it, and did a good job of hamming up the role of the demons. In the Temptation Walk, the kids learned 7 verses, that they had to use as they encountered and figured out the type of demon that was tempting them along their walk.

All in all, I loved the session, and felt the kids did too.

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