Tuesday, October 05, 2004

GMail is Google For My Email!

So I know that GMail has been out a while, and I even got my first GMail account a while back drkaos777@gmail.com and just basically had not used it because it lacked some function I needed.

Now I have written MANY blog entries on my desire to have Google for my email. Knowing that GMail could give me this I still was not excited since I wanted my Outlook and I wanted all my plethora of email addresses.

Then today, needing some indexed information from an old email, I was drawn to consider the possibilty of G-Mail again. Then as I was looking around my settings in my G-Mail account I found "Forward Mail To" with "Move to G-Mail Archive" as a new feature from the G-Mail people. This would be great if it worked like a forwarder that had no bearing on the From field. So I did some test, and KAPOW!!! It did!!!

So I configured all my accounts to forward to G-Mail, then G-Mail forwards to a masked account, that my Outlook checks! When Outlook sends it uses the real address so replies go through G-Mail before they come back to me.

This is AWESOME!!!

A few suggestions if Google was asking my opinion.
1. Allow me to import my 3 years worth of deleted items into my archive. This way the power would be retroactive as well. They could configure to accept a PST file import.
2. Allow me to import my 3 years worth of sent items into my G-Mail sent folder.
3. Figure out an ON-Going way to continue monitoring my Sent folder.
4. Use their Spam filters so that they do not forward the Spam, and only forward the good stuff!

Just my few little suggestions.

UPDATE: If you agree with my suggestions make them here

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