Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Disgusted By Nickjr.com

I am repulsed by the "Parents Pick The President" page on Nickjr.com. I mean seriously they have offended me. This question (Q: If you were elected president, what would you do first?) has a list of answers that is so riddle with leftism it is literally an unpallatable show of ignorance toward the true roles and powers of government.

A: Good jobs for everybody - Government does not make jobs, businesses do and when Leftist ideas punish businesses for success while sending foreign aid and subsidies to business in nations across the world, they do only their small part to destroy jobs.

B: Lower health care costs - The idea that Government is responsible for the burden of care after a lifetime of irresponsible nutrional and physical choices is another example of the stupidfication of America..

C: End the war - They just keep getting better... Our enemies started this war, and victory is the means to the future of liberty for the genrations to come. Only a fool would surrender to these Islamic Jihadist for the sake of an illusion of peace.

D: Improve education - If they mean abolish the Department of Education and return responsiblity for the intellectual and moral upbringing of children to the God ordained structure of the family, then yes, I am all for improving education. However since we know they are much more about continuing the pocketboook padding principles of the current educations system this kind of improvement I can do without.

E: Make everybody safe - What does that mean? If any moron clicks that option they deserve to have their right to vote on account of an IQ too low to form cognent thought. THERE IS NO WAY IN THIS LIFE TO MAKE EVERYONE SAFE!

F: Better day care options - This is called commerce and responsibilty. You as a parent will have to take the RESPONSIBILTY to find a business that meets the needs you are looking for in a child care facilty. After all adding one more social program to our already over-bloated socialist state will do nothing but lower the standards of choices provided by daycares that choose to be competive for parents demanding quality.

G: Demand a recount! - I will demand a recount if any of the idiots who compiled this survey get elected!

If these are the only issues being considered by the vast majority of parents in America, then we are in even deeper trouble than I have previously imagined.

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