Friday, October 29, 2004

Taboo and The Art of Societal Maintainance

Simon Heffer, of the British conserative news magazineThe Spectator points out in his Cover Story - What can you say? how society is being destroyed by the "fashion police" of tolerance (or secularism as it should more correctly be defined.)

It is strange how the secularist have managed to Co-opt not only religious and political discourse but also academic and scientifc discourse as well (though not discussed in this article).

A crystal ball into the future of American society needs only to look at how secularism is rotting France, Germany and yes even England from the insides out. We are only a few generations behind France and Germany, and probably only a single generation behind England. It is too late for the French and Germans. They will be athestic marxist states within 50-80 years. Ourselves and the English still have the ability and responsibilty to turn the tide back, and save ourselves from a Marxist destruction.

I do not believe it is going to happen. I believe that our Marxist future is a result of God's judgement, and it would require repentance and humilty to redeem this nation back. I think Americans lack the moral integrity and strength of character to resist the narcistic pleasure that secularism brings, and so we will follow the lead of our European friends, and find ourselves barrelling forward to the the "perfect Marxist society."

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