Wednesday, October 06, 2004

More GMail Suggestions

2 New Sugestions I offer to you all my friends and family who all have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Google:

1. POST TO BLOGGER - The ability to connect my Blogger account and GMail account so that I can post an email I recieve, or send directly to Blogger. I think it should be a small text box that allows me to add a comment and then post the text of the email directly to my Blog!

2. EXPANDED ARCHIVE - 1 GB is just not going to be enough! I am at 2 days and 8MB at that rate I will be out of archive space in less than 9 months. I am thinking $5 for each extra Gig per year. At that rate, In 10 years, I am only at $75 a year for EVERY email I have recieved. That is $6.25 a month well spent!

1 comment:

Alex said...

Another suggestion is a better file attachment/upload facility, currently it just says "please wait..." whilst it uploads the file.

Perhaps a java program could show a nice 'percentage complete' bar/graphic whilst it uploads. This could also check the validity of the file before its sent (as some files are blocked, i think).

Generally I like gmail, the customise google firefox plugin can
remove the ad's, which tbh weren't that annoying anyway. The interface 'style' could be improved a bit, I think hotmail still looks a lot more stylish.

I have to admit that Google know exactly what people want with gmail, I just wonder how much storage space they have :-/