Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pictures By My Daughter

Photos Taken By Ella

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Photos Of Ella's Intresting Outfit

Password Incorrect! It is Kevin

My four year old got a hold of my camera and took a bunch of pictures. I have passworded like I do with the ones of the kids of them just because there are several and I don't want anyone who does not care to see them to be bogged down by the bandwidth. The password is Kevin. They are not very well taken but very cute.

There are alose a few of her in a rather "unique" outfit that she put on while playing in her bedroom. Just use the usual password for pics of the kids to see those ones.

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Anonymous said...

SO i was curious.. and I took your Friend quiz... I'm so Rachel. haha
Missin you! Hope all is well! Bogged down with 300 pages of reading for class tomorrow... I'd start but i have to check my xanga first! haha Later!