Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bill Gates at CES 2006

Bill Gates demonstrated the "digital lifestyle" last night in his keynote at CES. I think that this vision, though farsical in a 4 year timeline, is beyond amazing. You need to watch from around minute 12 through about minute 19. It is amazing and I think that 6-7 years is a more likely timeline.

Single Interface is the big idea of the speech. That is code for "You need Microsoft" I find myself that organic innovation seems to be faster and better than MS innovation, so naturally the real world, that is not a "single interface" will look differently than his speech.

On that note, John Dvorak wrote about "MS internet services" a few days ago. Where I think Mr. Dvorak is wrong is that the young generation, wants my info and my services delivered NOW and HERE!!! So if MS can overcome the speed issues that would hurt usabilty, then I believe we will have this new product model adopted very quickly by my generation.

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