Thursday, January 26, 2006

Internet Pronography Safety Class

Last night at church I taught the adult class on a real world view of the simplicity of viewing and hiding internet pornography for their spouses and children. I believe that internet pornography is a blythe that challenges the integrity of all us as web enabled people from happily married adults to randy teenagers.

I have measures in place at our home and on our work computers to protect myself and my coworkers from these temptations. I find though that many people do not have protections in place, or even understand the reality of the issue.

So last night I spoke for about an hour. We discussed Web Browsers, Email, RSS, P2P, Instant Messaging, Live CDs and all other methods used for aquiring this material. We discussed URL Blacklist, URL Whitelist, and Hueristic Keyword Blocking. In the end I reccomended 2 products used in combination together for maximum protection.

A software necessity on every computer is Spector Pro 5.0 which has keyword alerts, snapshot, IM logging, P2P logging, and many additional monitoring options. Then on the hardware side, I reccomended using the Linksys WRT54GS with parental controls. This provides blacklist URL filtering for the many additional web enabled devices brought into the home.

If you are intrested here is a PDF of my handouts, and here is the PowerPoint of the presentation.


kingsjoy said...


The links wouldn't work for me. I would like the pdf.


Kevin J Bowman said...

Basically on a dial up connection, porn would be so slow loading you would have to be a pretty dedicate addict to sit through the load times I think. It would be easier to just buy a magazine... I would not protect a dial up computer unless there were young children using the internet regularly. Then it would just be for protection against porn popups and accidents like that.

Kevin J Bowman said...

Both links are working now

Randy said...

Ummm...what is Live CD? I don't think I've heard of that methodology. Love your PowerPoint, btw. I may steal it for a local presentation. I could see people at my church really being interested in this topic.

Randy said...

OK. I now know what a Live CD is. I'm in the tech field and I didn't kow, so for those who are curious: It is basically an Operating System that you don't install. It runs directly from the media. I can see how it would be used to get around software monitors and filters. I guess you learn something new everyday.