Sunday, January 08, 2006

How To Build Community

Larry James had a post on his website about the text of this poster.
You can buy it from the Syracuse Cultural Workers website.

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Darla said...

wow.... i just read this outloud to michael, my husband... we have been doing a lot of these very same things since we left the church building, we were so desparate for community.... instead of looking for it in the way we always have, we started with knowing our neighbors, who we were too busy to get to know because of church things... we also started visiting our local library and bringing them cookies and little tokens of love... michael (my husband) also started a neighborhood newsletter to help get our neighbors connected with each other... started visiting the park right up the street from us.... got involved with the winter carnival at our children's school with the was amazing to us how "busy" we were as youth pastors in our church that we never had time for normal things like mowing our neighbor's lawn or even playing simple board games with our children. thank you for posting this.... it is simple and beautiful. why oh why do we complicate things?? :)